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Legend of the White Dragon Trailer Brings Jason David Frank to the Big Screen in His Final Role

The Legend of the White Dragon trailer brings Jason David Frank to the movies one more time for a Power Rangers-like final adventure.

The passing of Jason David Frank put a hole in a lot of Power Rangers fans’ hearts, but the actor has one last, very Power Rangers-like role for us all to enjoy. Legend of the White Dragon was a passion project of the late actor, which sees him donning a white suit and helmet to take on an evil force of bad guys. It might sound familiar and the movie is definitely on the B-grade side, but judging from the Legend of the White Dragon teaser trailer, it also looks pretty fun.

The film takes place in the future, during the Aftermath. Evidently, the heroes meant to defend the city lost their battle and everything was destroyed, with the collection of heroes being blamed, including Erik Reed (Frank). However, Erik must return to the city he’s sworn to protect in order to reunite with his family and clear his name. The problem is that a villain named Dragon Prime is hellbent on exacting revenge on Erik, and it appears that he, and the other superheroes, will need to don their superhero outfits once again to defeat evil.

Look, it’s very clearly a Power Rangers movie in everything but name. You can even tell in the Legend of the White Dragon trailer that Frank is wearing a green uniform before becoming the White Dragon, which is the same turn of events that occurred in Power Rangers. Still, the concept seems to be playing with the idea of the Power Rangers losing their battle and having to run away after the destruction of their city, which is actually kind of interesting. For the most part, though, you’re tuning in to see Frank, looking far more grizzled than usual, in action one last time. Longtime Power Rangers fans will notice that other former Rangers from franchise history are part of the movie too.

The film has a shockingly impressive cast with Aaron Schoenke, Chalet Lizette Brannan, Mayling Ng, Mark Dacascos, David Ramsey, Michael Madsen, and Cerina Vincent. Schoenke is also directing the film.

Legend of the White Dragon will release in theaters (yes, in theaters) sometime in 2024.

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