Legends of Persia is an action-RPG that follows the adventures of Keykhosro, a Persian prince seeking revenge for the murder of his father.

No, not Prince of PersiaLegends of Persia, which has apparently been kicking around since the summer but, like so many things, only came to widespread attention after making a move to Steam Greenlight. It’s a Diablo-style action-RPG (aren’t they all?) based on the story of Keykhosro, son of the Persian prince Siavosh, who seeks his revenge upon the Tooran king Afrasiab, the man who killed his father.

The Greenlight page promises a single-player campaign of more than eight hours set across eight locations, with six different and customizable hero characters, more than 400 weapons and items, 64 types of magic for each class and over 80 unique enemies. There’s a crafting system and boss battles, and the whole thing is “built from the ground up to support modding.”

It sounds pretty good, especially for an indie title, and while there’s no denying that developer Sourena Games could use an editor, the announcement trailer (which was actually released in August) is really quite impressive. The first gameplay trailer, which is far more recent, looks fairly run-of-the-mill and perhaps a bit sluggish compared to some of the games it seeks to emulate, but it’s hard to judge such things based solely on YouTube.

You can, however, find out more about the game on Steam Greenlight, Facebook, or Legends of Persia’s own website. Legends of Persia is currently expected to be ready for release in early 2014.

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