Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels



Save the galaxy with GameFront’s walkthrough to Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. The Dark Knight joins the Justice League and travels across the DC universe to bring every villain to justice. Superman returns, alongside other alternate-universe versions of our favorite super-heroes.

Following the familiar Lego game tradition, you’ll have to fight through stages full of bad guys and puzzles. Smashing objects or using hero-specific abilities allows you to make progress. It isn’t always clear what needs to be done, that’s why we’re including screenshots and step-by-step instructions to help.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Level 1: Pursuers in the Sewers

Welcome to Lego Batman 3! The game starts you off fast, so let’s continue the hunt for Killer Croc in Gotham’s sewers.

See the white circle on the ground in the background? That signifies a grapple point. Stand in the white circle with Batman and a button will appear (In my case, the Playstation’s [Circle] button) and you’ll be able to reach the platforms above.

Jump across the gap to reach the red glowing switch. Stand on the white circle on the raised platform and press the button that appears here too.

With the water drained, jump down and smash all three brown Lego brick crates. Smash the shopping carts too if that doesn’t work – clear the whole room. Sometimes the answer is just to break everything.

Standing near the hopping bricks and press [Circle / B / Y] to construct the bricks into an object. It’s a weird… machine? But what you really want is that suit token! Switch control to Robin and grab it.

See the disposal machine with a “25” sign on the sides? Switch to Robin’s Hazard Suit and hold down the attack button to collect random green, yellow, or red bricks. Destroy the shopping carts to find plenty of loose Lego bricks Robin’s Hazard suit can collect.

Once you’ve sucked everything up, hold down the use button to deposit all the junk into the disposal machine. Filling it up to 25 will reward you with a big weird cannon!

Interact with the glowing orange handle with Batman – the grapple button again – and mash to activate the cannon. It’ll destroy the gate blocking progress to the right.

The gate falls to reveal a new suit token for Batman! Make sure you’re in control of Batman to collect it.

The sensor suit has a few unique functions. First, it can turn Batman invisible. Tapping the use button will activate detective mode, allowing Batman to see invisible objects. Right on the platform where you collected the suit token you’ll spot green sparkles. These green sparkles mean there’s a hidden object nearby!

Turn on Batman’s detective vision with the sensor suit to reveal a grapple point. Mash the grapple button and a TV screen will appear with a white circle. A white circle means you can use it, so stand in the ring to solve a puzzle.

Move the cursor and activate the two stoppers on the first and last pipe. Now that the water is flowing freely, turn the curved pipes so they connect in kind of an “L” shape.

The next big challenge is further right where you’ll find gross green toxic sludge and fire blocking your path. Robin’s Hazard suit protects him from slime, so go ahead and cross the path with just Robin. Sorry, Batman! You have to stay behind for now.

On the other side, switch back to Robin’s standard costume and destroy the four stopper locks holding up the ladder. Beneath the subway platform you should also spot green glowies – that calls for Batman’s sensor suit.

Hold down the attack button with standard robin to target all four glowing stoppers, then smash the Lego bricks until things start hopping. Destroy both columns and the junk that falls, it’ll take several attacks!

Once you’ve build the bricks the ladder will drop. Climb up and press both glowing buttons above the spewing flames and Batman can join up with Robin.

Return to the destroyed subway on the right and use Batman’s sensor suit detective vision to spot a grapple point. Uncover it, pull it, and the subway train will topple down.

Use the fallen train to climb up and around, into the second train, and jump across the water. Gliding will help cross the distance, but if you fall into the water you can just climb back out.

Switch to Robin’s hazard suit in this area to walk into the green sludge and hit the red switch. Making progress now! The slime will clear and two hatches will open. Use the open hatches to jump right and pull the glowing grapple point with Batman or Robin to lower a ladder.

Climb up and you’ll face another challenge – a barred gate.

See the two glowing Lego brick boxes? Smash them both! Glowing is a clue that you need to break or interact with whatever object it giving off eye-catching light.

Build the bricks and pull down the gate with the grapple point to spot Killer Croc in the distance. After him, through the tunnel!

Killer Croc is way too tough to fight! He sends his crocodile-themed thugs after you, so get some practice with the attack button. Batman shouldn’t have any problems wiping these goons out.

To take the villain down, destroy the color brick objects in the center of the arena to uncover a disposal machine. Use Batman’s sensor suit to reveal buttons on the turbines to the left and right – press the button to get brick pieces Robin can suck up with the hazard suit.

During all this, Croc will try to attack you! Don’t try and fight back, just stay away from him for now.

Once Robin has 25 pieces, deposit them in the junk disposal machine. Doing so create a huge cannon you can pilot! Jump into the seat and mash the attack button to shoot a net at Croc – temporarily capturing him.

Unfortunately for the dynamic duo Croc gets away and rejoins a group of villains. A crime-fighter’s work is never done.

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Level 2: Breaking BATS!

Before the level begins you’ll need to find it. The Batcave is a busy place, but there’s one obvious object to interact with – the computer screen! Use Batman’s sensor suit on the white circle.

The puzzle here is easy. Just turn the three circuits once then press the red button in the center. The server box will open to reveal a grapple point. Use Robin or Batman to pull the grapple handle to reveal Batman’s Power Suit.

Batman’s suit of mechanical armor comes with awesome rocket attachments. The attack button can target and destroy silver Lego bricks. Destroy all three silver Lego objects in the room to get yourself a heaping helping of hopping bricks.

Push on the green side of the turn-style to reveal a bridge on your right. Unfortunately for Bat’s, his security system doesn’t discriminate. A green camera watches the area on the right. If you try to enter, a door will slam shut.

Switch to the sensor suit and hold down the use button (same as grapple) to turn invisible. Now Batman can easily slip by the camera. Past the camera, use the power suit to destroy the silver block behind glass and pull the switch.

Now Robin can grab yet another suit token! This is the Techno Suit, and it can hack into little red terminals like the one under the green-tinted Batman logo monitor nearby.

The goal for this puzzle is to lock in each of the colors. Each roulette wheel cycles through colors. Match the center color with the two smaller flanking colors by locking them into place when they pass to activate the Batcave elevator., starting the level for real!

Something about Brainiac’s ship has made Batman go nuts. Go up the steps – see the red and green circle with the Robin symbol? This is an acrobat point. Target it with Robin by holding down the attack button and highlighting the slot.

With the pole in place, Robin can acrobatically swing up the three poles and reach Batman.

Batman retreats to the right side of the cave. Follow him and switch to Alfred, he can safely cross the burning Lego brick flames. Once you do, the crazed Batman will destroy the two nearby silver Lego objects, creating two sets of hopping bricks.

Construct the left set of hopping bricks to put out the fires, then construct the right hopping bricks. Use Robin’s techno suit on the red slot and press the attack button as it appears to hack the system.

Target the grapple point above with an attack to jump up onto the cave ledge where you can reach Batman a second time.

Fighting off the bats a second time, Batman will jump into the center of the stage and leave behind red / black hopping bricks in the back left corner of the center stage.

Construct the bricks into a computer terminal and interact with the controls using Robin’s techno suit. To create a bridge, interact with both red glowing locks then chase Batman up the ladder to find out what his deal is.

Grab the Illumination Suit token Batman drops after bombing the telescope and escaping into the darkness.

Robin’s illumination suit needs to be charged at special machines. Look out for terminals like the one to the right of the token after you grab it. Interact and hold down the button to charge up before following Batman into the dark cave!

Next Robin and Alfred face Batman in the Batcave’s garage where the Dark Knight has barricaded himself inside his spiffy car, firing rockets all over the place.

Go downstairs and charge up the illumination suit at the illumination station, then enter the dark alcove further in the foreground. Smash all the Lego objects in here then build the pieces into a techno suit terminal.

Complete the hack to construct the Batboat, complete with dock. Go to the green lights at the end of the dock to board the boat and fight back!

Press the attack button to fire armaments! Shoot down the missiles in flight and aim for the Batmobile between his attacks. When he’s at half-health, Robin bails out of the boat once it gets destroyed.

As Batman escapes, he clears a path upstairs. Return to the checkpoint save and move up the cleared path to continue the fight.

Get past the fire with Alfred and construct the hopping bricks to put the fires out, allowing Robin upstairs where the pair can step into the pod and push down both pressure switches.

Destroy every brick object in the circular platform to build the Batcycle! You know what to do. Ride the cycle and shoot down the missile in flight while blasting Batman’s crazy car.

Batman smashes the cycle too! There’s only one vehicle left. Climb the new ladder and put the hopping bricks together to form a Robin chute. Only Techno Suit Robin can use his remote controlled buddy to crawl into the vent to reach a new area.

To use the vent, switch to the techno suit and hold down the grapple button to summon the flying robot. Send Toy Wonder through the chute and interact with the techno panel on the other side. Hacking it lowers the bridge!

Upstairs, Batman blows up the Batcomputer, leaving behind lots of multi-colored hopping bricks. Building them creates a hazard disposal machine. Collect up all the Lego pieces on the floor up here, and destroy the extra objects around to collect more and fill up the machine.

Fill the disposal machine to create a back-up Batcomputer! Hacking this computer isn’t so easy. Entering a virtual world, you’ll need to jump onto the rising platforms and step on each computer pressure pad.

Press all three red buttons and avoid the glowing red squares to bring the Batwing out of hiding. Run to the right and use Robin’s grapple to unveil the bridge.

Inside the Batwing you can bring down the Batmobile for good. Put the finishing touches on this section by blasting Batman’s car to smithereens.

But the level isn’t over yet. Batman unveils a new power – one that nobody’s ever seen before! He summons a swarm of bats that take his shape.

Watch out for giant Batman’s punch attacks! Keep moving left or right – just one hit will destroy your minifig! Eventually hopping bricks will fall from the sky on the left side of the arena. Build them up into a spotlight then mash the grapple point to dissipate the giant black light construct.

Now Batman is vulnerable! Run over and hit him to dish out one heart of damage. That restarts the sequence – jump when he slams the ground!

The second time the bricks fall in the center of the arena. Build them and push the green turn-style to make Bruce vulnerable. To complete the level, build the third set of hopping bricks on the far right and smack Batman one last time.

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Level 3: Space suits you, Sir!

Taking a break from Batman, you start in the Justice League satellite with Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. Both of them have some cool, unique powers you can play around with.

Martian Manhunter has a ton of abilities; he can scan for secret objects like Batman’s sensor suit, fly, shoot laser beams and transform.

To get things started, use Manhunter’s scan ability (Just like Sensor Suit Batman) on the blue/white door behind the Superman statue. He’ll reveal a gold lock – destroy that by holding own the sensor scan button and target the gold Lego brick.

Lasers can always melt gold objects. Manhunter can also see through objects – again, just like sensor suit Batman – and solve the little computer control puzzle. Activate all three locks to uncover secret controls beneath the gold super-hero statues.

The Batman and Wonder-Woman statues are the first ones to solve. Push the green turn-style lever on the Batman statue to solve it.

To complete Wonder Woman’s; use Manhunter’s scan to reveal a grapple handle, then use Green Lantern to pull it. Construct the pieces to create a Green Lantern Construct plate! These unique plates can only be used by Green Lantern, so watch out for them!

Hold down the build button and Lantern constructs a massive glowing boot to fix Superman’s busted machinery under his statue.

That solves your statue problem and alerts all three heroes – so begins the actual level!

Martian Manhunter calls all the Justice League members into action! But without super-powers, Batman only has one option to reach the satellite – his Bat-Space-Rocket!

Destroy the first barrier with the Power Suit’s rocket attack. At the far end of the path, there are three silver Lego objects Batman’s Power Suit rockets can destroy. Smash all three, build the pieces, and hack the technology panel with Robin’s techno suit.

Robin’s motorcycle rolls out of a special rail-track, but the only grapple point is covered with a metal Lego brick Batsymbol. Destroy it with Batman’s power suit rockets, then grapple up with Robin to use the techno panel.

Move back down the path to the glass Lego cases. There’s a silver container holding a new suit token for Batman.

The Sonar Suit can destroy glass with it’s high-pitched sonic projector. Just tap the build button to create a sonic wave on the ground, smashing any nearby glass Lego bricks.

Doing that reveals a handy Toy Wonder chute. Summon up Toy Wonder from Robin’s techno suit and enter the chute. There’s a techno-panel he can hack down the steps which reveals a bridge to the right side of the hangar.

Use Robin’s techno suit on the panel to reveal a hazard disposal machine. See all the glass containers nearby? Smash them using Batman’s sonar suit, then collect the hopping bricks with Robin’s hazard suit.

Depositing the pieces creates an invisible object above the Batman symbol nearby. Scan it to reveal a hidden grapple handle. Grapple that handle and use the new spinning fan to reach a green sensor suit screen.

Move the two pipes into position to hook the rocket up to Batman’s own patented green space fuel. Just jump onto the gray handle that comes loose to break it off the valve and complete step two.

Time to collect Batman’s space suit. It’s located to the right of the cave, through the green fuel tank. To get through, use the sensor suit to detect glass bricks up the steps, then destroy the glass with the sonar suit before crossing the slime with Robin’s hazard suit.

Pull the second door down by the handle so Batman can cross over and scan the green glowing spot to the right of the gold container.

Destroy the revealed silver bricks (Power Suit Batman) to find a dark area. Darkness means you’ll want to use Robin’s illumination suit – there’s a charging station to the right of the darkness. Light up and go into the shadowy alcove.

What’s inside? … a weird rover! Hold down the jump button to drive the vehicle forward and use the build button to search inside the brick piece piles.

Dig up all four spots with the rover to reveal a new Batman suit token. This is the Space Suit. It can fly and shoot a laser that destroys gold Lego objects. Try it out on the gold container nearby, and break the rest of the Lego objects to the right so hopping bricks appear.

Construct the bricks to create a jetpack charging station. Charge up, then fly onto the balcony above the fuel tank. Melt the gold bricks and Robin can join back up.

Fly over the next gap to a gold Lego brick wall. Use the interaction button and move the beam to follow the red-glowing pattern to destroy the bricks. Construct the pieces that fall out to create a Batcomputer with a techno panel.

That’s a job for Robin. Get him over there by using the sensor vision on the newly-appeared green glowies, making some handy acrobatic handles appear. Use regular, standard Robin to throw his staff into the first slot then jump on over!

Using Robin’s techno suit starts another computer-land challenge in the virtual world. In the maze, take the first right to reach the path leading to the number switcher. Smash it to enter a platforming section.

The platforming area isn’t too hard, just keep moving and stay on your toes. If a panel flashes red, that means it’s about to start falling!

The last challenge is the weirdest yet. The floor moves like a wave – wait for it to appear near your starting point, and keep running to follow the wave all the way over to the number switcher. If you’re too fast or too slow, you’ll fall into oblivion.

Completing the code also completes Batman’s rocket. When you’re ready to get, step into the ship and head out toward the Justice League HQ.

In the second section of the level, Batman and Robin circle the satellite while Joker launches it’s defense system against them. It’s a dastardly plot, but nothing Batman can’t solve.

You’re stuck in a 2D plane. Move up and down to dodge the killer chattering teeth. Hit the attack button to destroy the teeth – a blue pointer will appear to show you which ones you’re missing.

There are tons of power-ups that drop too! Collect them to re-stock your shield, speed boost, or switch weapons. Don’t worry, every weapon is pretty good!

For the second section, Joker includes stationary flying bombs. Don’t run into them and keep the attack button mashed! Don’t forget you can turn left and right to get enemies faster if they’re moving away from you.

In the third sequence, defense turrets appear attached to the satellite itself. Fly low and collect bomb power-ups – with a bomb power-up, a prompt will appear when flying near the turrets. Press the build button to launch a missile and destroy each dangerous Joker turret.

Joker’s rocket is the last weapon. Collect more bombs and keep shooting the rocket. When it stops, unleash those collecting missiles to bring it’s hearts down.

Once you defeat the mini-boss, Superman and the rest of the League arrive to help out. This level ain’t over yet.

Cyborg and Flash join up with Space Batman. Use Batman’s space laser to melt the gold brick and collect the token to unlock Cyborg’s Magnet Suit. Cyborg already has a ton of costumes, but we’ll cover those once they become important.

Straight ahead, there’s a huge revolving object with a section of blue magnetic bricks. Wait for those to come into view then press the build button.

Joker’s goons are swarming the area! Watch out for thugs, turrets, and flying shooters. Fight to the forcefield and use Cyborg’s Demolition Suit to destroy the rotating silver bricks. It works just like Batman’s Power Suit, Batman just can’t change right now – he can’t breathe in space after all.

Bringing the shield down causes a Joker missile to smash into the satellite. Fight to it and melt the visible gold brick, then construct the pieces into a Flash fast-build panel. Stand on the panel with Flash, hold down the attack button and target the glowing Lego objects.

Jump into the launcher to come crashing down back toward the satellite.

Inside the hangar, move left and bust out Cyborg’s magnet suit to interact with the magnetic blue Lego bricks. Use Bats’ space suit laser to melt through the gold brick wall and construct the hopping bricks.

What do they form? A jetpack refueler of course! Fill up with Batman’s space suit then fly to the right side of the hangar.

A swarm of Joker goons will appear as Batman lands. Take care of them and pull the switch, then use the power suit to blast the glittery silver lego bricks in the background. Build the bricks to create – a treadmill? Only Flash can use this.

Time to get Flash over. Switch to Cyborg’s Space Suit and use the jetpack charger station to reach the upper left hangar platform with metallic Lego bricks. Pull the bricks with Cyborg’s magnet suit and step on the button inside.

Cyborg has to stay on the button to keep the gold bricks revealed. Use Batman to fly back over and melt the bricks with his space suit laser.

Return to the right side of the hangar and use Cyborg’s magnet suit on the pictured area above. Build the bricks into a turn-style, push the green end, and get up there with Flash to jump onto the treadmill!

Finally the locked hangar doors open. The League are inside the satellite, but there’s still that problem with a mess of villains hanging out inside.

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Level 4: Space Station Infestation

Starting where the previous level left off, the Justice League needs to navigate the hangar with – Wonder Woman, Robin, Cyborg and Flash.

It isn’t exactly clear what to do yet. Move up the steps on the left ahead, then pull the magnetic bricks and bomb the silver bricks with Cyborg’s costumes.

Cyborg can hack panels too – build the hopping bricks from the destroyed silver object and use the panel to reveal a token inside a glass bubble. Use Cyborg’s Sonar Suit to free the token.

Grab the Sphere Suit token with Robin – this allows him to use the sphere contraption that raises up under the magnetic bricks.

Enter a sphere bubble while standing on the sphere panel and the camera will focus on red lasers and a door. Move around while stuck in the sphere panel to open the door, then destroys the lasers with Robin, Cyborg, or Wonder Woman’s ranged attack.

In a new room, follow the ghostly bricks over to a green screen with the Joker’s face on it. Blow up the metal bricks, build the pieces, and hack the computer with Cyborg or techno suit Robin. Click the face in the center, then open the boxes to receive a new costume token!

This is Cyborg’s Giant Suit! It turns him into a huge fighting robot – pretty neat, right? He’s super strong, so follow the ghostly blue studs over to a large object with green handles. These can only be lifted by super-powerful character like Cyborg’s giant suit.

Pick it up and throw it away while taking care of Joker’s thugs. Straight ahead there’s a door with glowing red cracks. These can also only be smashed by super strong heroes. Punch the wall down with Cyborg’s giant suit to start the level proper.

It’s Wonder Woman and Flash against Firefly in the burning control center. Defeat the enemy goons and Firefly will destroy everything in sight, leaving a pile of hopping bricks in the center of the arena. Build them to create a Flash fast build panel. Use it with Flash to construct a water cannon.

Jump into the turret and shoot water straight at Firefly until he’s defeated. To get by all that wreckage, put out the Lego brick fires covered an orange grapple handle. Once it’s clear, Wonder Woman can use her whip to bring all that wreckage down.

Cheetah is the next villain you’ll face. First she pounces Wonder Woman (or Flash!) so switch characters or have your partner attack her. Damaging her sends out a swarm of Joker thugs, clear them and repeat the process with Cheetah!

After two hits, Cheetah retreats onto a gold Lego laser. Build the hopping bricks in the center, then stand on the new Shield Deflect Spot to aim the laser back at her gold perch.

The rest of the fight plays out with alternating sequences of Joker thugs and Cheetah pounce attacks. Defeat her to switch perspectives and give chase to Croc and Grundy with Robin and Cyborg.

Blow open the silver bricks to the left, build the Sphere Slot and switch to Robin’s sphere suit. Move around in the sphere to activate a jetpack refueler, then use the fan to reach it.

Switch to Cyborg’s space suit, refule, and fly to the platform on the right where Cyborg can pull the green super strength handles using his new Giant Suit.

Melt the gold bricks to turn off the lasers on the magnetic pathway – switch to Robin, use his Magnet Suit to climb the blue magnetic path and hack the techno panel port with his tech suit.

Step on both switches on the lowered lift to ride it up. Both giant super-villains are hiding, so it’s up to this dynamic duo to find them.

Use the Illumination Suit charger just left of the lift and look in the small alcove with the glowing gold sparkles. There are hopping bricks here that, once built, reveal a gold panel.

Good thing Cyborg comes equipped with a laser. Cut through the gold wall to reveal Grundy! Don’t let him hide, switch to the Giant Suit and punch through the new cracked wall.

Mash whatever buttons appear on screen, they’re randomized, to defeat Grundy and start the hunt for Killer Croc.

Charge Robin’s Illumination Suit and walk to the crate to the right of Grundy’s unconscious minifig to reveal a wall of silver bricks. Blow them up with Cyborg’s demolition suit! Smash the crates, build the pieces, and jump on the green panel on the pump to get Croc out of hiding.

Finally it’s up to Batman and Superman to defeat Joker with Lex Luthor. In the party house, Joker sends a group of drones to take on the Dark Knight. Like that’ll work. Smash up the bots, then defeat the second wave of thugs Joker sends you way.

Next up, Lex Luthor appears in his charged-up kryptonite-powered super-suit. Switch to Superman and use your laser eye beams to bring down his health bar – Batman’s batarangs just won’t cut it this time.

As the fight continues, Joker will summon even more thugs. Deal with them or not, Superman really is completely invulnerable. Only Lex’s kryptonite cannon will hurt him.

Once the third pod of minions appears, destroy the purple present and build the parts to form a fast build. Superman can do these just like Flash!

It creates an Electricity Panel – these only work with another one of Batman’s suits. Fly onto the back platform, melt the gold objects and build the hopping bricks to create a ladder so Batman can reach the suit token in glass. His sonar suit will get it free.

With the Electricity Suit equipped, use the charging station just to the right of the token. Once Batman is lit up with arcs of electricity, return to the blue electricity panel below. Hold down the build key to charge it up and defeat Lex.

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Level 5: The Big Grapple

Brainiac has shown himself and the hub is finally open to explore. Now you can use the teleporters to return to the Batcave, the Justice League HQ, or return to the Watchtower satellite.

To start the next level, follow the ghostly waypoint blue studs into the Containment Cells room. See the object sparking electricity? Switch to Batman’s Electricity Suit and smash it, he’s safe from electricity while wearing it. Build the parts and jump into the special chute with Martian Manhunter.

Now use Manhunter’s powers to mind control the thug with an icon over his head. Stand close to him so a prompt appears. Pull the lever inside the tiny room.

With the shields down, Batman can reach the golden wall in the far background. Blow up the metal bricks with bombs, then melt the gold wall using Cyborg’s laser beam.

The Green Lanterns are under Brainiac’s mind control, and now the Justice League are stuck under an emerald bubble.

Get Martian Manhunter to scan the area to the left, then use Cyborg’s magnet suit to pull the blue magnetic brick. This attracts the Janitor, allowing Manhunter to mind control him and get to the hangar door control.

Move to the controls in the back right corner, then match the inner and outer rings with the corresponding colors to complete all three stages of the puzzle.

There are actually some cute Easter Eggs to unlock before closing the doors! Try clicking the other options on the computer screen – you can get a kitty video, turn on the lights, listen to music, and get a minikit part.

With everyone free, Brainiac begins his master plan to shrink Earth. The villains and heroes join forces to save the planet. Wonder Woman teams up alongside Cheetah and Flash.

The hallway up ahead is blocked by killer tentacles. Use Cheetah to dig up the dirt bricks, construct the bricks, and use Flash to complete the fast build. Step on all three lift buttons to spot the rest of the team.

Climb the ladder and use Wonder Woman’s lasso on the orange grapple point. Two golden brick tentacles will stop your progress here. Go back down the ladder and into the glassed-in path further right, then use Flash to run on the treadmill after smashing everything in the room to build it.

With the lasers on, Wonder Woman can stand on the panel and redirect the beams to melt both tentacled gold bricks.

Run ahead, build the hopping bricks, then pull both switches at the same time.

Joining Batman, Cyborg, and the Joker upstairs – use the sensor suit on the green panel to your lower right. Match the colors twice and stay on the controls while Cyborg enters the area with pistons upstairs.

Defeat the goons, then use Cyborg’s stealth suit to get past the camera to enter the pistol zone. Raise the pistons so Cyborg can get through to the area on the right.

Hit the switch on the other side to create a series of platforms everyone can use to jump across below. Melt through the gold wall with Batman’s space suit laser to reveal a magnetic block.

Joker has a gadget costume for that! Pull the magnetic switch to shut off the forcefield, allowing Cyborg to reach two green handles and pull open the door with his giant suit.

Down the hallway, use the green panel with Batman’s sensor suit. Align all the pieces and a block with a grapple point will drop out. Use Batman’s grapple gun to pull the box open and get his Arctic Suit.

What do you do with it? Nothing yet, switch to the Power Suit and blast the silver bricks left of the tentacles. Now that they’re covered in water, use the Arctic Suit ice cannon to freeze them. Punch through the ice with Cyborg’s Giant suit and you’re almost at the next area.

Upstairs, defeat the thugs and pull the magnetic bricks with Joker’s magnet suit. Hit the switch and grab the suit token to the right – this is Joker’s Flower Suit. It can control minds, like the weak-mind on the left through the glass.

Make the Joker goon pull the lever and you’ll reach your objective – the control room! Now you’re stuck with Killer Croc, Lex Luthor, and Robin.

Smash the OCTAN containers in the center of the chamber then construct the hopping bricks into a jetpack refueler. This is a job for Lex Luthor. Fill up and fly up to the platform on the high right, then melt the gold brick using Lex’s space laser.

Now Robin can join Lex! Grapple up and use the techno suit on the techno panel around the corner. Press the buttons in the order they appear in the center, left to right, to complete the hack.

A new techno port appears below. Robin can reach it by crossing two forcefield bridges. That’s the right arm active, now to activate the left arm.

Switch to Killer Croc and drop into the water on the left. Pull the green handles and smash the blue glowing thing inside to open up a dark alcove.

Robin can only enter with the illumination suit, so charge it up back on the high platform to the right. Pull off the magnetic blocks to reveal the illumination charging station.

Charge up the illumination suit, enter the dark alcove, build the pieces and use the techno port. Now the grappling gun is ready!

Return to the center hallway and step onto the red button lift to ride up to the control platform. Aim for Brainiac’s ship and fire to complete the level.

Table of Contents

Level 6: The Lantern Menace

Starting up in the Watchtower, you’ll find a special teleporter that’s out of action down the hall. Ignore it and head up the steps to the right.

To defeat Mr. Freeze, switch to the sensor suit and turn invisible to sneak up on the frigid fiend. While invisible, you can easily smack the bag guy three times to defeat him.

Now use the Sensor Suit scan on the previously-frozen door. Reveal the icicles and shoot down all four to get some hopping bricks.

The pieces build into a Plastic Man panel! Stand on it with Plastic Man to transform and destroy the door lock, allowing the team into the Hangar room. Ride the elevator up and put out the burning Lego brick fires with Batman’s arctic suit.

Build the hopping bricks to enter a VR simulation! For this one, the paths don’t show up until you walk near them. Not too hard as long as you don’t move too fast and accidentally fall! For the second challenge, only jump on the blue platforms. Dangerous platforms flash red, avoid them.

When all three challenges are complete, the door will open leading into the next level.

Brainiac’s ship is massive so the united heroes and villains split up. Batman joins up with Luthor, Grundy and Flash.

First thing’s first, pull the grapple point with Batman between the two red consoles near the starting location. Get by the camera up the ladder with Batman’s sensor suit invisibility, then switch to Luthor’s hazard suit to follow the path through the green sludge-slime on your right.

Switch to Luthor’s stealth suit past the green slime and hit the switch.

Smash the glass bricks with the Sonar Suit once the energy beam goes down. The pieces create a Grundy plate. Sink in with Grundy to find a buzzsaw vehicle! Just what the League needed. Jump in with any regular-sized character to clear those tentacles away.

In the room ahead, hook Batman up to the electricity socket up the ramp on the right wearing his electricity suit.

Now that you’re charged, go power-up the generator on the left ramp. Too bad there are fires on the way up. Switch to the other side, blow up the silver Lego bricks then melt the gold bricks with a space suit costume.

That reveals glass blocks in the costume token container in the middle. Break it open with Batman’s sonar suit and grab the new Shield Suit for Lex Luthor. Now he can get by fires just like Alfred.

Press the button, hack the computer, and melt the gold bricks with Luthor’s space suit laser. That’s both devices down, dumping hopping bricks into the center of the room. Build them and use Flash’s fast build ability to contact Robin.

Defeat all the incoming enemies and leave through the right door to rejoin Robin and Joker in-progress. Use Robin’s techno suit on the techno slot panel nearby, then climb up the magnetic blue path. Crack open the crate and build the pieces into a jetpack refueler for Cyborg’s space suit.

Fly up to the third floor on the left and get charged with Cyborg’s Electricity Suit. Once charged from the sparking slot, fly left and use the generator. Now Robin can climb up with his magnetic suit and pull the switch in the toxic sludge while wearing the hazard suit.

In the electrified hallway, use a magnet suit to removes the blue tentacles. Push each platform button and try to walk through the field wall to summon two Lego metal objects. Blow them up with Cyborg’s Demolition suit.

Ahead, there are three lasers above the skull door. You’ll need to redirect all three to continue. Start by pushing the green turn-styles on the left and right of the raised platform.

Build the hopping bricks into a shield panel for Wonder Woman to redirect the final laser into the red button. Now that the door is open, you’re clear to continue.

Brainiac has the League mind-controlled again! It’s just Robin in his stupid Professor Fate helmet to deal with this threat alone.

After each wave of enemies, Brainiac will attempt to delete a hero (or villain) so mash the build button to free them. Defeat every enemy per wave to trigger the scene.

When Grundy is free it only takes one punch to defeat Brainiac.

Chaos! The Lanterns are free, Brainiac escapes and Superman is falling to his doom toward a miniature planet. Batman and Wonder Woman drop down to try and save him.

Avoid the debris and the mission will be over in no time.

Table of Contents

Level 7: Europe Against It

Back at the Watchtower, fly to the Control Room and interact with the holographic star map. This is where you can replay levels and select the next stage – Europe Against It.

The world’s tiny! Batman, Super Man and Wonder Woman are stuck in Paris where Brainiac plots to steal the miniaturized city. Destroy the brown tricolor object and get to the bridge past the Eiffel Tower.

But Brainiac smashes it! Look down the street for a Wayne Enterprises truck. Melt the gold locks and grab Batman’s Scuba Suit.

While underwater, target the glowing orange Lego brick struts on the opposite end of the bridge to get across. Set a bomb on the silver trick and continue right along the road, dodging Brainiac’s explosive blasts and shrink rays!

At the fountain square, scan the debris blocking your path with Batman’s sensor suit. Pull the grapple point and move on to the Arc de Triomphe.

Defeat 20 Brainiac bots and Brainiac shrinks Paris! Next target: London. Switch to the Scuba Suit and explore the water to the right. Pull the grapple point on the bridge while underwater then climb up to the bridge.

Back in the city, Brainiac enlarges a double decker bus to block the way. Scan it with the sensor suit to reveal a gold strip of Lego bricks.

What do to? Melt the bricks with Superman or Batman’s laser attack. With the obstruction clear, move to the fountain square where a telephone booth blocks the way. Blast the glass with the sonar suit. Drain the electricity with the electricity suit, then do a sensor suit scan. Pull the grapple point to enter another section of the city.

Back at the water, Brainiac will spill sludge into the river. Fly over it and melt the gold bricks with Superman’s laser vision.

Now everyone can reach the gates outside Buckingham Palace. Equip the Electricity Suit and smash every Lego brick object outside the fences to construct hopping bricks into an electricity socket.

Get through the gates and take down the thugs a second time.

Italy is up next. The giant Brainiac robot unleashes tons of attacks along with minions. Dodge the attacks and take care of 8 thugs. Once all 8 are defeated, build the hopping bricks in the foreground nearby the villain into a mirror. Hide behind it and he’ll become vulnerable – hit him with heat vision!

When Brainiac retreats, he sends 16 more robots into the fray. Defeat them all, build the hopping bricks, and pull on the grapple handle with Batman to redirect the shrink ray beam correctly.

Defeat the last wave, build the hopping bricks, and push the green turn-style to complete this quick level.

Table of Contents

Level 8: Big Trouble in Little Gotham

To start the level, use the level select hologram and complete all three virtual challenge. The last challenge is tricky, just way for the red guards to walk by before running toward Brainiac.

Gotham is the villain’s next big target! Target the green glowing vats and build the hopping bricks into a turn-style. Push it and you’ll find a hazard disposal vat. Smash everything on the street and collect the debris with Luthor’s Hazard suit.

Use Cyborg’s magnet suit on the vats, destroy the silver truck and cross the fire with Luthor’s Shield Suit. Don’t miss the stuff on the rooftop! Deposit all the items to create a slime bomb. Transform in a giant suit and get throwing.

Joining Joker and Flash, jump over to the Teeter-Totter and use Joker’s Electricity Suit to short out the sparking socket. Destroying the ride and leaving a mess of hopping bricks, build the debris into a sphere slot the Joker can use.

The funhouse opens up. Go inside and jump up the blue/white walls before they crush you – only Flash can do it. Go to the ferris wheel, smash the Lego bricks and build a treadmill. Construct the pieces of the destroyed ride and use the fast build plate with Flash. Now you have yourself a rollercoast!

It just needs power. Switch to Joker’s Electricity Suit and charge up the panel near the ride cars.

Over on Poison Ivy’s rooftop, Robin hangs out with Cheetah and Solomon Grundy. Instead of fighting Brainiac, you’ll need to fight killer plants instead.

Move right to the water and jump on the lily pad near the metal statue. Pull down the ladder with Robin’s grapple. Above you can get Robin’s dive suit!

Robin’s Dive Suit also has a laser for melting gold bricks. You’re going to need to to destroy all three roots.

There’s a cracked wall to the left of the gazebo. Smash the plants in your way and punch the cracks with Grundy, then dig up the paw-print dirt with Cheetah to reveal the first gold root.

The second is in a building to the left. Jump to the roof and stomp-attack to smash through the ceiling and reveal a dig site. Dig up the second root with Cheetah.

The last one is in a water-filled building near the roof where you got the dive suit. Drop into the water, melt both gold valves, dig the dirt with Cheetah and destroy the last root to enter the greenhouse.

Send Grundy inside the green house to sink into a swamp. Pull the grapple handle on the cannon to chase off Brainiac one more time.

This time he’s back in his huge ship. It’s smaller than before, but still big enough to defeat some Lego heroes if they’re not careful.

Watch out for the tentacle slams and clone minions! Wait until one of the tentacles goes underground and sticks up into the air while malfunctioning. Back away and hit the top of the tentacle with any ranged attack to hurt it.

When the tentacles fall down, you’ll notice they now have silver metal Lego bricks. Blow those silver bricks away with Batman’s Power Suit missiles.

Next comes the laser! Scan the arena around the yellow street line with the Sensor Suit and construct the revealed bricks into a Wonder Woman shield plate. Switch to Wonder Woman and step on the plate to redirect the beam straight at Brainiac!

Aim for the teeth to bust the ship open and collect even more hopping bricks. Put them together and use Flash on the fast build icon to finally capture Brainiac. For now, at least.

Table of Contents

Level 9: Power of Love

At the start of the next Hub Visit, you’ll have a choice between several available stages in the selection menu computer. We’re going to start with “Power of Love” – but you can choose any level in any order here.

Welcome to Zamaron, home of the Star Sapphires! They’re not too friendly here and soldiers start pouring out of a gate out of Cyborg’s reach. Switch to the Sonar Suit with Cyborg and smash the glass Lego shards, then build the hopping bricks into a fast build.

Complete it with Flash and some flowers will bloom, allowing Cyborg to reach the ledge and de-power the enemy door by interacting with the electricity socket. Now that Cyborg is carrying a charge, jump down and move up the steps to the right.

Smash the Lego junk to the right of the glowing blue door to find a generator. Power it up with Cyborg’s electricity and the road forward will open.

Smash some stuff around the base of the steps to uncover a green floor plate. This is a Manhunter pad – stand on it with Martian Manhunter to teleport inside the forcefield bubble. Inside the bubble, transform into Manhunter’s massive form (Hold down Character Switch) and pull on the green handles.

Use Cyborg to pull off the revealed blue magnetic metal and cut through the gold bricks with Cyborg’s laser beam. The new hopping bricks transform into a treadmill when built. Hop on with Flash to destroy the large pink gate on the right.

Follow the path up to another enemy generator and a pink gate. Interact with the blue metal bricks with Cyborg’s magnet suit then build the bricks into a jetpack refueler station. Charge Cyborg’s space suit, but he won’t need it quite yet.

Instead, fly Martian Manhunter over to the forcefield bubble and mind-control the minion inside to attack the field generator. Once the field is down, use Cyborg to break the glass then charge up on the Electricity terminal.

With that charge, fly over to the Generator on the high ledge on your right. That removes the pink gate, opening yet another zone.

A huge pink monster-thing has the Justice League trapped! See the glowing light on the blue bricks? Smash the objects up and build the gold pieces into a super-heart. Like any good monster, music soothes it’s animal heart!

While it plays the harp, melt the gold with Cyborg’s laser. That frees your team, allowing you to explore up and left – there are green glowing dots. Scan them with Martian Manhunter to discover a Martian teleporter. Enter it with the green guy then melt the gold roots in the cave.

That makes the alien flowers bloom above so the whole team can reach the ledge. Jump up the plants to encounter the alien critter a second time.

This time it fights back! Watch out for the beam of pink energy and get to work destroying the silver metal blocks in the arena. Once all three are broken, build the hopping bricks into a Fast Build plate for Flash to use.

Building a fancy restaurant, Cyborg can get the jump on this boss by magnetizing the little set with his special suit. For the final heart, run right and build the red bricks that appear after one large attack.

When the present is complete, use Martian Manhunter’s giant form to pull the green handles and throw it straight at the boss.

Table of Contents

Level 10: A Blue Hope

Remember when Batman flew around the Watchtower blasting Joker’s drones? This time it’s the Justice League fighting the Reach. These alien bugs are causing problems for the Blue Lanterns, so blast 50 of their ships out of the sky!

When tentacles appear, grab the orange-tipped missiles and they’ll auto-target when flying near. Hit the tentacle with two missiles to bring it down. In the third wave, wormy metal monsters will appear – these guys require missiles too.

When the mothership falls you’ll land on the planet to continue the level. The fight is raging pretty hard, so it’s time to help.

Smash the bugs down the path from your spaceship to discover a Fast Build pad for the Flash! Build it to clear a tree, revealing some shiny green sparkles that Martian Manhunter needs to scan. Enter the green portal and melt the tentacle’s gold section to reveal a new alien monster!

Fly up to the ledge above the biting monster’s head then scan with Manhunter again. What’s this? A metal Lego object! Blow it up to dump boulders on the creature’s head.

With the monster gone Cyborg can climb the hanging vine up to reach the path, leading to yet another metal object up in the trees. Bomb that one too.

Past the vine bridge you’ll find a swarm of killer Reach bugs. Clear the area of enemies to make puzzle-solving safe, then break all the nearby Lego objects until you discover hopping bricks. Use the Fast

Build with Flash to open up a new cave. Bomb the metal and enter the Martian Manhunter portal – but the path up above is blocked by a tentacle.

Switch to Cyborg and pull the metal bricks attached to the tentacle. Pulling it back, Manhunter can get behind the tentacle and melt the gold bricks, opening up the remainder of the passage.

The Blue Lantern is trapped in the claws of a giant beetle. To save him, pull the magnetic blue bricks with Cyborg’s suit. Now green sparkles will appear in the center of this area – scan with Manhunter. There’s hidden dirt that Saint Walker (Blue Lanter) can dig up to reveal hopping bricks.

The bricks create a Blue Lantern Construct pad. Use it with Saint Walker to chase off the big beast and complete the stage.

Table of Contents

Level 11: Jailhouse Nok

Entering an ancient alien prison doesn’t sound like a great idea, but let’s get inside anyway. Melt the gold brick to reveal magnetic blocks. Get by those next with Cyborg, but the bridge ahead is down.

Fly over the gap with Manhunter and scan the giant spider. Laser it’s exposed gold brick, then punch the cracked wall once it escapes. Clear the plants away then X-Rag the green brick wall. To solve the puzzle, turn each block until it flashes blue.

Completing the hack raises the bridge so Cyborg can reach the locked door on the far right. Use the Magnet Suit’s special ability to reach a weird chamber full of baddies.

Wipe out the opposition underneath the big purple skeleton to give yourself some room to solve puzzles. Blow up both metal silver brick shackles on the big purple skeleton, then step on the lit pressure pad to the left of the statue.

Using a beam of light, the statue opens three locked doors. You have to enter the doors in order – back left, front right, then back right. In the hall ahead there’s another bunch of glowing green sparkles. Scan it and smash the cracked wall with any giant character.

Build the hopping bricks and walk up the magnetic path with Cyborg to reach an Electricity Panel. Charge up Cyborg’s Electricity Suit. Cross the bridge, smash the crates, and build the bricks into a treadmill.

The lift is now active. Ride it up and clear the vines off the gray box to reveal a grapple point. Pull it down with Cyborg and build the pieces. It’s a Generator! Use that left-over charge to power it up.

There’s another puzzle ahead. Destroy the plants around the statue to reveal the pressure pads. Jump on them, then enter the rooms in this order; front left, front right, back right, back left.

Indigo-1 and her Corps aren’t very passionate with the central lantern all busted up. She wants to fight, and this is a classic brawl. No tricks or puzzles, just a plain fight. Bring her down to half-health and she’ll retreat.

To bring her off the hanging cage, scan with Martian Manhunter near the box then magnet her down to continue the fight. The same trick brings down the second one, too. When she’s defeated, build the Fast Build pad and use Flash to fix the lantern.

Another world saved and another Lantern on your side. Another good day to be a hero. Now there should only be two levels left.

Table of Contents

Level 12: All the Rage

For this level, we rejoin Batman and Robin in their villainous disguises, along with Grundy, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. That’s a full group of characters, so let’s put them to good use.

The first obstacle is a big green glowing forcefield. There’s a pile of Lego bricks right in front of the field – only Green Lantern’s ring can summon a jackhammer to dig up some hopping bricks.

Hold down the build button on the Lantern symbol to expose the generator’s green core, then blast it with GL’s laser ring.

Follow the path past the mean Red Lantern jerks and you’ll find a laser on a Shield Pad icon. Step onto the pad with Wonder Woman to redirect the beam into the gold bricks. Now the path is clear.

Up the stairs, smash through the Lego brick wall with Grundy, then pull the two orange grapple handles using Green Lantern. Build the hopping bricks in the canyon below and use the Green Lantern icon to summon up a bridge.

Past the bridge you’ll encounter another forcefield barrier. To the right is a Lego object with green handles. Grab it with Grundy then throw it by targeting the little blue pointer on the wall of debris.

Pull the orange handle that appears with a grappling hook, then construct the pieces into… an irrigation system? Push the green turn-style then smash all the plants that appear to reveal a Grundy swamp tile.

Along with other junk, Grundy digs up a drilling machine with dynamite. Switch to a normal-sized minifig to destroy the generator and open the path into the next area.

Jump along the natural stone columns until it looks like a dead end. Use any character with a grappling hook here to pull the Lego brick platform closer so your team can get one step closer to that Red Lantern core.

See the brick wall covered in vines? Smash the vines, then smash the wall with Grundy. Construct the hopping bricks to form a Green Lantern Construct Pad. This time he forms a pirate ship to get everyone across the water.

It’s a short walk up the steps to the power core. Avoid the falling rocks the easy way by switching to Green Lantern and flying up to the next barrier.

Smash both statues in the center and build the bricks to find a pair of green super-strength handles. This is a job for Grundy! Throw the heavy object at the cracked Lego brick wall in the rocks to the left. That exposes a grapple handle.

Pull the handle and the red stuff flow will weaken. To cut it off completely, go right and use Green Lantern on the pile of dirt. He can drill up some bricks. Build them and the valve closes, lowering the dangerous red stuff.

Atrocitus summons a monster from the core, and it isn’t very friendly. Right away it shoots a laser beam at your minifigs. Green Lantern can fly, so use him for the easiest escape.

Wait for it to charge a few times, then it’ll leap from the liquid and slam into the center of the area. He’s stunned for a second, allowing a normal-sized minifig to ride the creature like a bull – just like any other vehicle.

Mash whatever button appears above the red monster, then follow the same pattern two more times. After three cycles you’ll defeat the monster for good.

Table of Contents

Level 13: Need for Greed

It’s the home stretch! This is the last Lantern core the heroes need to save Earth. The same team returns; Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Grundy.

The vines to the right of the starting point close if you get close. Use a grappling hook from far away to tear the stuff down. Past the first encounter with enemies you’ll be able to pull a second grapple handle, tearing the pillar free to make a stone bridge.

Up the long path, you’ll be blocked by a forcefield. To the left there’s a landing covered in Lego brick plants. Smash them to reveal a Grundy Swamp! He finds a water turret. Ride it and hold the attack button to clear away some of the stone debris, revealing a cracked wall Grundy should punch through.

There’s lots of stuff to mess with her, but nothing you can do in Story mode. Instead trot down to the flowing river and use a long-range attack to hit the glowing flow bud. Use the flower platform to jump across where you’ll find another Grundy Swamp.

Get sucked in and step on the big red button. Step on it to destroy the vines covering the third objective – fly up the waterfall with Lantern and pull the handle!

One down, two to go. Backtrack to the temple and fly to the second floor where the second big flower is blocking your way. Pull this handle to finish up the second objective.

The last flower is hidden behind the tree against the left wall of the temple. Pull down all three hanging branches with Green Lantern, build the hopping bricks into a Green Lantern Construct Pad, and use it to destroy the tree. Now you’re clear the pull the last orange handle!

With all three objectives complete, return to the circular temple entrance door and build the hopping bricks that have appeared. Push the turn-style until the door is open.

In the entrance chamber, look for green Lego brick plants up a diagonal path to the left. Smash them all and build the clear pieces into another Green Lantern Construct Pad. Interact with the new fan and you’ll have a handy gust of wind to reach the high ledge.

Get Grundy up to the room above and pull the green handles. Use a normal-sized minifig to build the hopping bricks into a Shield Icon for Wonder Woman. Several colored symbols will holographically appear on your screen. Move the laser light onto each of these colors in this order; pink, orange, green, red.

That finishes one half of this puzzle. Now fly to the right wall with Lantern and smash the glowing wall sections of Lego laying on the temple floor. The hopping pieces create a Green Lantern Pad. With the bridge in place, Grundy can smash the cracked wall!

The parts inside make a Sphere Pad. Only Green Lantern this to raise the lift on the right. Make sure everyone that can’t fly it rides up.

Get rid of the debris with Grundy, then build the leftover parts into a second Shield Pad for Wonder Woman. Redirect the light to the colored symbols in this order; blue, orange, purple, red.

Now Wonder Woman or Green Lantern can fly into the statue’s mouth to pull the orange grapple handle. Push the turn-style beneath the statue to open the door into the core.

Larfleeze won’t help without some convincing first. Take down his thugs until the big man himself enters the fray. He isn’t so tough – he’ll retreat after hitting him a handful of times.

Then things get more interesting. The giant Larfleeze construct appears! Watch out for the falling beams he summons from the sky. Time slows down as he swings a sword. Fly over it or jump. When his hammer comes out, it’s time to fight back.

Survive until Larfleeze smashes the arena floor with his hammer, revealing a hidden Grundy Swamp. Pull the grapple handle on the box to give Larfleeze and explosive surprise. Now you can start hitting him again while he’s weak.

To defeat Larfleeze, look for hopping bricks on the left of the area once he transforms again. Use the Green Lantern Pad to summon a second present. Now that the boss is vulnerable you can beat him up and bring an end to the stage.

Table of Contents

Level 14: Aw-Qward Situation

Sinestro doesn’t fall for Robin’s Lex Luthor act, leaving Green Lantern to fight the villain’s forces on his home turf.

Prepare for more space combat! Grab a shield, upgrade your attacks, and watch for a blue pointer to help guide your ship to any remaining enemies at the end of each wave.

When Sinestro summons his spooky ghost train, grab the orange missile power-ups to target and blow the spectral conveyance away! Four hits ends this section.

Green Lantern and Robin are in trouble! Running over to Green Lantern as he’s being controlled like a puppet forces Sinestro to run off, but there are barricades in your path.

Now that Batman is back in his regular suit, you can switch to the Power Suit mode and destroy the ring of silver bricks around the giant drill. Construct the hopping bricks to form green handles so Grundy can remove the barricade.

The next big challenge is up the platforms over the lava pit. Giant hammers slam down onto the revolving platforms. Switch to the Electricity Suit to get by the lightning then time your jumps – wait for the hammers to start rising up after a slam to jump across.

On the other side, turn invisible with the Sensor Suit to get by the cameras, the grapple up the ledge. Defeat the goon manning the electricity panel and use the Electricity Suit to drain it, turning off the crazy machinery below.

The Sinestro Corps brute appears again! There’s a gold Lego brick beneath him – melt it with Batman’s Space Suit laser, or let the bad guy’s laser melt it for you. That reveals a Wonder Woman Shield Pad. Use her to redirect the laser at the villain above to chase him off.

Mash the buttons as they appear to defeat the bad guy as Solomon Grundy attacks! Over the swamp, bats and green glowies appear – scan the area with Batman’s Sensor Suit to reveal a cracked floor. Ground-pound through it with Grundy!

Down below you’ll find Green Lantern again. After some inspiring words from Batman, Green Lantern breaks free – mash the prompt to escape and re-join the team!

To start the conveyor, smash the two brown vats giving off a feint glow. The bricks can be built into a Green Lantern Construct Pad. Use it and the conveyor belt will start. Now Batman can jump on a crate to get up to GL!

Up on the ledge, turn invisible and pull the grapple handle, releasing a gust of wind that blows any minifig up to the top of the spinning gear platform. Wait for the platform to turn horizontally, then leap across!

Across the path, Batman can use his Electricity Suit to charge the generator, activating a more convenient elevator for the rest of your team.

They’ve got Sinestro cornered! He tries to hide behind a construct castle. See the green handles on the weird Lego device in the left corner? Grab it with Grundy, build the hopping bricks, and use the Green Lantern construct pad to smash a hole in Sinestro’s castle.

Now it’s Green Lantern’s turn to finish the job. Mash the attack button to win the final power struggle and grab the last power core.

Table of Contents

Level 15: Breaking the Ice

This is it. The final big story level to conclude the campaign. As the heroes arrive at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, all three evil Lanterns appear! Green Lantern needs help fighting back this time, so it’s left to the Dynamic Duo (plus Wonder Woman) to deal with Larfleeze.

Fight his army of minions until Larfleeze pounces. Switch characters and smack the greedy guy. He’ll run away and fire his Lantern beam. Batman needs you to direct the beam toward the focal point – hide behind the bright white blast in the center of the arena so Larfleeze shoots it too.

Time to do the same to Atrocitus. He sends 20 thugs first – wipe the floor with them and Grundy will ambush. Push the button prompts and Grundy will direct Atrocitus’ laser forward. In a flash, planet Earth is restored!

Everything seems greats until Brainiac escapes. As a side-effect of the power cores, Superman is transformed into a giant. Making matters even worse, Brainiac uses his mind-control powers to turn Superman bad!

There’s no way to defeat Superman without kryptonite. Thankfully Batman has some in the Batcave, they just need to distract Superman long enough to get inside the shrunken Gotham.

Dodge Superman’s attacks until three large chunks of the Fortress fall down. Break the Lego ice blocks and construct the hopping bricks. Three more ice Lego chunks will appear out of the ground. Break those too and build the bricks. Pull the switch and hop into the turret once it’s complete.

Hold down the attack button to distract Superman with a swarm of bats! While Superman is preoccupied, Brainiac sends his minions. Unfortunately, Superman wakes up as you fight.

When all 30 thugs are defeated, more ice bricks will rise out of the ground. Smash everything in sight to collect enough hopping bricks. Use the Flash on the Fast Build Pad then jump on the completed treadmill to power the device up.

One inspirational speech later and Superman snaps out of the control, tearing Brainiac’s ship apart and saving the day.

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