Looks like it’s the week of accidental leaks: an online resume posted by an animator at LEGO (Movie) developer Traveller’s Tales lists two new LEGO titles: Harry Potter, and a second LEGO Indiana Jones – also, potentially The Hobbit.

She might not be as high-profile a name as Jonathan Ross, but you can’t help but feel kind of bad for Charlotte Parker, an animator working for UK development studio Traveller’s Tales. Parker’s curriculum vitae briefly listed her as having done work for two LEGO movie adaptations long rumored to be in development: LEGO Harry Potter and a second LEGO Indiana Jones.

It’s no surprise, really – Harry Potter has always been ripe for the LEGO treatment, and with seven books there’s always plenty of room for a sequel-minded developer to extend it into multiple games. LEGO Indiana Jones did well, though unfortunately this second game won’t be a new adventure for the Nazi-punching archaeologist a la Fate of Atlantis – instead, we’ll be getting a LEGO-ified version of the thoroughly mediocre Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Parker’s CV also stated that she worked on a demo to pitch to Peter Jackson for a LEGO game based on his upcoming movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Of course, it was only a pitch, so there’s absolutely nothing concrete yet. Still, with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, and the works of Tolkien under their belt, there aren’t that many storied film franchises left to give the LEGO treatment. Not kid-friendly ones, anyway – LEGO Godfather probably wouldn’t go over too well.

Best of luck to Ms. Parker, because this sort of thing can’t be good for anyone looking to keep their job.

(, via Kotaku)

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