Before Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 releases, take a trip to the past and see how to conquer every stage in the first open-world entry in the Lego Marvel series with this re-published guide, originally posted on GameFront.

Save the day in Lego Marvel Super Heroes with our step-by-step guide, showing you have to solve every puzzle throughout all 15 missions. Unlike the films, every major Marvel hero joins together in one massive mash-up — Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and so many more are all included.

The marvelous instructioneers of The Escapist are at your disposal, guiding curious adventurers through each challenge with clear solutions. You’ll need to use each hero’s powers to defeat the bad guys and save the universe. Get all the answers below.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sand Central Station

Landing in New York with Iron Man and Hulk, rush past the cars and monsters to the sand barrier at the end of the road.

Use Iron Man to target the two silver bricks over the fire hydrants to spray water on the sandy wall, revealing green cracks. Our man Hulk can smash anything with green cracks. Switch to him and punch the solid sand.

Past the sand are two green handles on the side of the bus. Hulk can use green handles – grab the bus by the handles and tap the button that appears to blow past the barrier.

In the next area, switch to Iron Man. His targeted missiles can blast silver shiny Lego bricks. Aim for the tanker truck center.

Build the hopping bricks that pore out to construct two green Hulk handles. Use them, and charge Abomination for a super-powered battle.

Press the buttons that appear to handily crush Hulk’s powerful nemesis, and the heroes will get inside Grand Central.

Sandman’s huge arms will impede your progress. You’ll need to destroy both with each super-hero.

Start with Hulk and use the green handles on the left to lift a giant Lego set. Aim by holding down the attack button and throw the chunk of Lego at one of the hands.

To defeat the second hand, switch to Iron Man and blast the silver bricks with his targeted missile attack on the right. That reveals more green Hulk handles. Grab the set and throw it with Hulk.

Ahead, a train will crash. Defeat 24 Sandmen with Hulk and the train will disappear. Next, a wall will appear past the information kiosk ahead.

Use Iron Man to target the silver bricks on top of the kiosk to create hopping bricks on the ground below.

Construct the pieces into a turret, then stand near it and press the button that appears to take direct control of the water hose with Iron Man. Someone as huge as the Hulk can’t control tiny turrets.

Keep spraying the center of the wall until green cracks appear. That’s just what Hulk ordered, use the big green giant to punch a hole in the green cracks.

Ahead, Sandman will form a castle with turrets! Hulk can’t get close to the green cracks without getting blasted.

Use Iron Man to destroy the silver Lego bricks on the right, then construct the pieces into a set with green handles.

Now Hulk can grab the green handles and throw the set at the sandcastle, destroying it.

Sandman retreats, but Spider-Man joins the team. A big electrified section of Stark Tower’s sign blocks the heroes from getting to the bad guy. Time to shut off the power.

To the right, switch to Spider-Man and swing to the shimmering wall near against the very right edge of the screen. Tap the button that appears when Spider-Man gets close to use his super-senses to reveal a wall he can climb.

Climb up, then use Spider-Man’s webs on the red/blue handle, then tap the indicated button to pull. The satellite dish will fall, and leave behind hopping bricks. Construct those bricks to create a pair of green Hulk handles. You know what that means – use Hulk on the handles to destroy the first generator.

The second generator is way easier. Destroy the silver gate around it on the left with Iron Man’s targeted missile attack.

Then, get Spider-Man close to the flickering dots and use his spider-sense to reveal a pull handle. Pull it to destroy the second generator, and turn off the power.

With the power off, more dots will appear around the center of the area. Use spider-sense there to reveal two more pull handles. Target them both with Spider-Man by holding down the attack button, and tapping the key to drop the sign and create a path.

Ahead, use Spider-Man to shoot a web at the handle on the walkway around the water tower to the right. With the web-line in place, switch to Hulk and hold down the switch button to turn him back into regular human Dr. Banner.

Tiny Banner can climb the web line up. At the top, switch back into the Hulk and grab those green handles! Construct the hopping bricks to create a controllable water turret. Use the water on the giant Sandman!

Keep spraying him with water until he destroys the turret. The villain will lower one arm, and reveal green cracks in the solid sand. Smash it with Hulk!

Sandman isn’t done yet. He’ll throw projectiles that uncovers a Lego set with glowing green cracks on the top. Use Hulk’s jump-attack to smash the set then build the hopping pieces to create a cement mixer.

Grab the mixer by the green Hulk handles and target Sandman between his annoying sand-hammer attacks.

When he’s hit with the cement, another green cracked arm will lower. Smash with the Hulk!

Sandman’s almost defeated now. Use Iron Man to missile-blast the silver bricks on the right, then throw the lever. On the left, use Spider-Man to pull the web handle to reveal a second lever to pull.

Pull both levers, and wait for the water tank to fill with water – right at the center of Sandman. Use spider-sense to reveal a hidden pull handle, and use those web lines to pull it.

Once Sandman topples over, punch the final green cracks to complete the level.

Table of Contents

Times Square Off

To get into the Baxter Building follow the ghost pellets and jump down to the garden outside the Baxter Building. Smash the glowing lamp to create a grating that Mr. Fantastic can slip through.

Next, smash the antennae near the TV truck! Build the bricks into a Four Pad to transform Reed Richards and open the gate for Cap.

The door ahead is locked, but there’s a way in. Use Cap’s shield to activate the Shield Switch on the right.

Climb the ladder with Mr. Fantastic and glide across the gap with the blue chevrons. Across, smart characters (like Mr. Fantastic!) can use the special control terminal.

Laser defenses appear! Switch to Captain America and activate his special ability to guard with his shield. Step onto the pad on the center of the street and use it to bounce the laser back.

Use the control stick to aim the laser at the machinery in the circle between the two lasers. Get through the open doors to start the actual level.

In the lab, fight the Octobots until they blast through the wall. Construct the hopping bricks into a Four Pad and use Mr. Fantastic to destroy the metal blocking a Shield Switch.

The switch activates an elevator. Ride up with Cap, and use his shield protection ability to get by the fires to the left. Jump down into the area with the tracks on the left, then switch to Mr. Fantastic.

Construct the new hopping bricks near the large 4 at the center of the lab. They’ll create a new grate for Mr. Fantastic to squeeze through, taking him to the area with the Captain.

Grab the handle with Mr. Fantastic’s stretchy arms, it’s glowing above the curved tracks. Build the hopping bricks into a Shield Switch, and hit that switch with Captain America’s shield!

A new control panel will activate up the ladder in the background. Climb up and use it with Mr. Fantastic to make a big red button appear to the right of the ladder. Hop onto it!

The beam will blast a Lego set below. Use Captain America to construct the hopping bricks, then use the Shield Pad to reflect the beam at the two glowing light-blue discs until the two generators are fully charged.

Hop onto the Fantasta-Lift, like a car, and ride to the roof to find Dr. Octopus.

On the roof, glide across to the building on the right (use the blue chevrons as your guide) and target the glowing handle to pull it with Mr. Fantastic’s stretchy arms. Build the bricks into a ladder, climb up, and smash all the Lego items behind the glass to reveal hopping bricks.

Construct the pieces into a turn-style – move against the green side to align the dish above, allowing Captain America to jump across the poles.

Run down the steps to the right with Cap to find a Shield Switch. Hit it with his shield to turn off the fans below that previously blocked Mr. Fantastic from a grating. Now that it’s free, use the grating.

Go up the steps and smash the blue Lego pipes below the Lego water tower. Build the hopping bricks into a Four Pad, use it, and destroy the water tower. Jump up and build the next set of hopping bricks, on the remains of the tower, to create a zip-line.

Ride the zip-line to the next building. Doc Ock is waiting, and he’ll grab the first hero across. Switch over to the second ally and punch Octopus to get him running.

Climb over the destroyed rubble to reach the higher section of the rooftops to chase Doc Ock away. Then, use Captain America’s shield to target the Lego hinges at the bottom of the red neon sign on the next building over.

Destroy both hinges to get to the next building. There, find the broken glass to enter the interior. There are two paths to take – but only Captain America can reach the roof.

Use Cap to shield himself from the fire and wall-jump up using the blue and white Lego walls. On the roof, find the green Lego generator to the right of the elevator doors. Destroy the Lego set next to the generator, then construct the pieces into a Shield Switch. Hit it with Cap’s shield.

The elevator will lower, letting Mr. Fantastic get to the roof. Hop up to the elevator lobby with the pull handle, and step on the big red button to take the lift up.

Glide across the gap with Fantastic, and smash the Lego bricks right as you land, then construct them to create a zip-line, letting Cap get over.

With Cap, target Doc Ock hanging out on the sign to reveal a pull handle. Target the handle with Mr. Fantastic to pull the sign down – just use the grate on the right to get high enough.

Build the pieces to create a Four Pad, and use it to squash Doctor Octopus! But, the fight isn’t over yet.

Spider-Man joins the team! Use him, or Mr. Fantastic, to pull the glowing handle on the tower on the upper roof. Look closely at the background to spot glowy red and blue dots appearing on the left.

Grab Spider-Man and use his super-senses to reveal he can wall-climb up the grey pipes. Climb up and use spider-sense again to reveal pull handles on the large engine. Pull both handles to start up fans below, letting Captain America and Mr. Fantastic to reach the high ledge with Spider-Man.

Use Fantastic to smash the Lego bricks on the fence in the back corner, to the left (relatively!) to the closed gate. Build the hopping bricks to form a control panel only Mr. Fantastic can use.

The gates to the garden will open – keep control of Mr. Fantastic and rush toward the huge Spider-Man billboard.

There’s another Four Pad for Reed to use. He’ll smash into the sign, revealing two pull handles. Rip those off with Spider-Man’s webs, and run across to face Octopus.

Of course, he’ll retreat again after blowing a hole in the building. Follow him through to start the final battle and take him down for good.

In Time’s Square, dodge Doc Ock’s attacks and wait for him to attempt to slam one tentacle into the ground. When he’s stuck, stand near the trapped robotic limb for a green circle to appear. Hit the attack button to destroy the tentacle.

Do it two more times, then finish the villain off with any normal attack once he’s on his last heart. That finishes this mission, but now Green Goblin is on the loose, too!

Next time, Hawkeye and Black Widow join up to raid the OsCorp labs.

Table of Contents

Exploratory Laboratory

Before starting the level, travel out of Times Square with Hawkeye and Black Widow and enter the Oscorp building.

Target the silver bricks over the gap with Hawkeye to shoot explosive arrows. Then, shoot arrows into the arrow plugs the same way. Jump across the gap with both arrows, using the poles.

The next part is trickier. Use Black Widow to wall-jump with the white and blue bricks to the roof. Use the terminal, and turn each blue arrow so the power lines turn black. Now approach Oscorp and activate Black Widow’s special power – a cloaking device. Pull the switch to open the door in.

Inside, Black Widow should use the security console and hit the buttons in this order; yellow, red, blue.

In the lab ahead, use Hawkeye to target and destroy the silver Lego bricks near the glass offices. Construct the pieces into another security console for Black Widow. This time, go with; red, yellow, blue.

Green Goblin zips by, and drops a wall. Get close with Spider-Man and use his spider-sense to find pull handles.

Shoot a web at Green Goblin, and the bad guy will retreat while destroying the elevator shaft. Cross over using the wooden beam and hit those spider-senses again to reveal a wall-climbing path up.

Punch the glowing bricks in the wall to reveal a lever. Pull it to lower a ladder down for the other two Shield agents.

Grab Hawkeye and target the silver bricks above. Shoot the arrow plug to create a rope for the heroes to climb, then use Spider-Man to pull the handle above to lower a bridge.

Fight down the hall to the locked door, and use spider-sense to reveal two pull handles. Shoot the silver Lego machinery with Hawkeye to blow the door open, then use Black Widow’s cloaking device to sneak past the cameras.

Jump onto the lever on the right, then use Spider-Man on the pull handle that appears on the left. Ahead, Green Goblin isn’t about to go quietly.

Falling into the pit, use Hawkeye to blast the silver Lego bricks above, then construct the hopping bricks to create a ladder out of this death trap.

Venom has escaped, and the entire lab is infected with symbiote goo! Avoid the blank gunk at all costs. Stepping into it is an instant death.

Blast the silver Lego sets above the neon Oscorp sign, then use Spider-Man’s senses to discover two pull handles.

Climb up to the top of the ladder with Black Widow and activate the security console. Four arrow plugs will appear for Hawkeye – shoot in all four poles then jump across with Black Widow. You’ll need her cloaking device at the top.

Cloak to avoid the camera, then pull the lever to reveal the rest of the ladder leading up and out of this area.

In the next area, travel right with Spider-Man, smashing through the bricks until reaching two visible pull handles for the spider to web up.

Construct the hopping bricks that pour from the blue machine, and use Hawkeye to shoot an arrow into the plug. Use the pole to jump up with Black Widow, and interact with the security console for a small puzzle.

Move the pieces to match the pictures above. Venom retreats left, with swarms of symbiote minions in your way! Chase him down back to the large room you passed through earlier.

In the room with the large door in the background, stand Hawkeye and Black Widow on the big red Lego button in the twin rooms.

Past the open door, smash every Lego brick outside the symbiote gunk and construct the hopping bricks to create a giant sound system that scares the goo away after using the pull handle.

Down the next hall, shoot the silvery control panels in the creepy glass tube room to reveal two pull handles.

Time to face Venom! Swarms of symbiote minions will appear out of the ground, while others will attack from the ledge above with projectiles.

Fight the minions until Venom appears, knocking over a pile of hopping bricks. Construct them into a boom box to stun Venom! Hit him to start the next phase of the fight.

Continue to smash minions until one pops out of a pod in the background, revealing a lever. Jump onto the turret and blast the hanging Venom to, once again, make him vulnerable.

For the final hit, Venom will jump onto the hanging set on the right. Use spider-sense near it and grab the pull handles. Construct the pieces and shoot the target with Hawkeye.

Venom is down for the count. One last punch will take the villain out and end the mission.

Table of Contents

Rock Up at the Lock Up

Follow the ghost studs to the pier. Use Iron Man’s targeting to destroy the silver crate. The raft captain will appear, but he needs a ticket. Fix the hopping bricks up the stairs, in the new area with the open shutter, and grab the ticket.

Ride the ferry to the prison, and switch to Hulk to crack open the gate with the green handles. Blast the silver bricks with Iron Man to open the doors to start the level.

In the stage, rush down the dirt path to the bridge. Of course, it drops into the raging waters. Fly across the gap with Iron Man and construct a turn-style from the hopping bricks. Push it to raise the bridge and get the other two heroes across.

Up the hill, dig up the brick dirt with paw marks raising up from the ground. Only Wolvering (for now!) can dig these up. Construct the hopping bricks to attach green handles onto the wrecked wall – you know who those are for, Hulk!

Run into the interior building with Hulk, and wait on the inactive lift. Switch over to Wolverine, and leave Hulk behind. Don’t worry, you’ll get him back soon.

To the right, use Wolverine’s super senses to reveal a wall-climb section. Climb up with Wolvie, and fly up with Iron Man.

Smash the red and yellow Lego bricks in the back corner to reveal a claw switch. Only Wolverine can use this. Activate it, and the lift will activate.

To the left of the lift, there are green handles for Hulk to tear apart. But, red lasers will appear with four deadly turrets.

Iron Man’s missiles can destroy the four silver turrets. When all four are gone, the red lasers will dissipate. Destroy the gate to the left with the green handles, using Hulk, to allow Wolverine to find another wall-climb section ahead – just use his super senses near the shimmering wall.

Climb up with Logan and grab the ladder handle to pull down a ladder. Run right and slice through the yellow cracks. There’s a security terminal behind the cracks, that Iron Man happens to be proficient with.

Move the cursor over the bright neon yellow locks and press attack over each to unlock the massive prison gate. Down the newly opened hall, smash the bricks in the far background with Hulk to enter the prison yard.

Not only do you have to deal with Whiplash, but Hulk’s old enemy the Leader. Hulk can’t get close, but Iron Man’s missiles can pierce his shields. Blast all three silver bricks floating behind the shield with Stark’s missiles.

Next, Leader will stun Stark. Switch to another hero and punch the Leader to put this villain down for the count.

Move up and right to use Wolverine’s super-senses to uncover yellow cracks. Slash through, use senses inside, climb up, and use the claw switch on the right of the interior.

The gate to the left is now open. Run past Abomination’s cell and destroy the yellow and red barrels. Construct the hopping bricks to form a security terminal for Iron Man to use.

Next, use Wolverine’s super-senses below Abomination’s cell to reveal green handles. Pulling the section back will make a zip-line appear for Wolverine to climb up to even more super-sense sparkles.

Switch to Iron Man and fly up to the door with the silver chains. Missile both chained doors, then missile the silver bricks in the back corner of the interior. Construct the hopping pieces into a Claw Switch.

Using the switch will open the next massive gate to the left. Fight into the security checkpoint and have Iron Man use the terminal against the left wall.

With the weird console, move the cursor along the electrified path and select each circle icon. Wait for the dialogue to play out, and an elevator will appear.

Load the lift down with all three heroes to continue into the next area. There’s a massive break-out going on, and you’re about to lose Iron Man.

During the lift fight, there’s a simple pattern to the battle. Fight minions until the lift slams to a halt. Bricks will hop while Sabretooth is held up on a platform.

Construct the hopping parts and then pick them up with Hulk, then throw the large set at Sabretooth.

The first two phases are identical. For the final hit, you’ll need to throw two Lego sets at two platforms to end this battle.

The level isn’t over yet. Abomination returns to menace Hulk while Sabretooth shoots from his helicopter.

Dig up the brick dirt in the back left corner and construct the bricks into a ladder. Climb up with Wolverine and use super-senses to find a wall-climb section. Use the spotlight like a turret, and shine light down onto Abomination until he’s stunned.

When he’s stunned, you’ll automatically switch to Hulk. Follow the prompts on screen, and Sabretooth will fly by to destroy your turret.

For the next spotlight, use Wolvie’s super-senses on the glowing wall in the right corner. Yellow cracks will become visible – destroy them by jumping onto the crate to the right and targeting the cracks.

Build the hopping bricks to create a trampoline! Jump up and use the wall-jump panels to reach a Claw Switch. The switch will activate another spotlight turret.

Only one heart left. The elevator to the left, up the constructed ladder, will now open. Ride up with Wolverine, jump on the poles, and enter the Lego door interior to find the switch, activating the last spotlight.

Table of Contents

Rebooted, Resuited

At Stark Tower, use Captain America’s shield to smash the Stark sign, then target the Shield Switch. Once the door opens, use Iron Man on the control panel. Switch on the pointers until the green light appears.

Inside, start with Captain America targeting the Shield Switch above the blue forcefield to the left. Smash it, then throw the shield in get inside the room.

Smash the malfunctioning robot limbs, the suit, and the tables to cobble enough hopping bricks together into a security terminal – usable by Iron Man.

Hit the attack key with the cursor over the three blue lines to shut down the forcefields. Run by the flickering beams with Captain America until a deadly laser appears!

Activate Cap’s shield-stance and use the America Pad to bounce the beam back at the turret to destroy it. Construct the hopping bricks to create another Iron Man security terminal.

Using the terminal will put you in control of a flying drone. Float up and out through the tiny opening near the ceiling, then land the drone onto the little blue waypoint.

To the right, Tony Stark will be able to interact with the target mark to jump into a new suit of Iron Man armor. With the suit, move left to another beam-wall with silver bricks locking the thing closed.

Blast the silver bricks with Iron Man’s new armor, then lower the wall by targeting the Shield Switch with Captain America.

Step onto the lift, and rush right. Behind the blue shield, hit the lever in the background to mark a large wheeled Lego construction appear on the electrified track.

Switch to Iron Man and leave Captain America at the lever. Have Iron Man use the terminal to get the large platform move so Captain America can ride it safely to the right over the deadly ground.

Go back to Captain America and enter shield-stance to cross the fires, then smash the computer in the back corner to open the laser-gate.

Run up the steps and blast off the silvery locks on the door to step outside. Use the poles to get onto the high ledge with Cap.

Go back inside to reach the interior ledge, with a large unlit switch you’ll need to jump onto, activating a fan so Iron Man and meet up again.

With Iron Man, run right to the purple chamber and blast the silver Lego construction inside to turn the fan off.

Ignore the Cap Pad for now, and run right to find silver locks – perfectly destroyable with Iron Man’s missiles. Captain America can wall-jump up to the turbine’s turn-style. Push it to reveal silver machinery below – once again, blow it all apart with Iron Man’s missiles.

Now two beams will appear. Time for Captain America to use that Cap Pad! Reflect the beams into the two blue Lego squares until the door glows with neon light.

With the door lowered, run into the hallway and enter shield-stance with Captain America to avoid getting blasted by the new beam turret. Walk into the pad and reflect the beam into the turret.

Construct the left-over hopping bricks. Grab both levers simultaneously to open the set of doors and into Jervis’ core.

Hit both Shield Switches with Cap’s targeting, that return to the foreground to reflect the beam into the inactive right Lego generator.

Use the white marker to get Iron Man’s latest suit of armor. Now he can cut through the gold wall with his special ability.

Outside on the helipad, Iron Man and Captain America have to deal with both Killian and the Mandarin.

Keep destroying goons until the Mandarin pops down to stun one of your heroes. Switch characters and punch Mandarin to get him to retreat. Killian will join the fight now – hit him once to continue the fight.

Complete the process two more times to defeat Killian. The Mandarin has another trick up his sleeve – Stark’s Hulkbuster armor!

Defeat 40 baddies to get the true battle started. The Mandarin will fly around, firing blasts of energy. Fly with Iron Man and target the super-villain with missiles until a whole swarm of Iron Man armors appear to help.

Hit the attack key to automatically fire blasts or target the boss manually to fire missiles. Keep up the onslaught to bring the heavy armor down.

When the armor crashes to the ground, use Iron Man’s special beam to destroy the gold brick on the back and finally defeat Stark’s nemesis.

Table of Contents

Red Head Detention

At the first ghost stub point, use Black Widow’s cloaking device to hide from the camera and pull the switch.

At the second location, target the Lego sign above the sushi place with Hawkeye. Shoot an arrow into the Arrow Slot and build the hopping bricks. Jump to the arrow in the slot to uncover a secret Hydra base.

Get to the first elevator with Black Widow’s cloak, ride up, and wall-jump up to the computer consoles above the lift. Blast the TV screens and the weird generator to shut off the cameras.

Ride Hawkeye up the elevator and construct the hopping bricks on the second level. Jump onto the lever to reveal silver machinery in the turning device to the right of the lift. Blast it with Hawkeye’s targeted attack.

At the next background door, smash the blue boxes and construct the pieces into a security terminal for Black Widow to use.

Move the coils into the positions above to open the giant science door. Progress! Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, joins the two in the next room.

Fly into the background and shoot the gold wall with Storm’s stream of fire to reveal a computer panel. Use the computer with Black Widow.

Match each laser configuration with the shape in the lower left corner of the screen. Completing this mini-game will create a bridge against the back wall of the chamber.

Pull the lever to the right of the new bridge to activate the elevator. Sneak by the camera up the steps with Black Widow and smash the machinery inside to let the rest of your heroes get by.

Switch to Hawkeye and target the plug to create a rope. Characters attached to a rope can swing left and right back-and-forth for longer jumps.

Jump across with Black Widow and Hawkeye. Grab the rope with Hawkeye while Black Widow operates the terminal, moving Hawkeye across the gap.

Use Hawkeye to break the pull handle, then pull the lever that appears. The covers will raise, revealing gold bricks for Johnny Storm to destroy. Shoot the arrow plug with Hawkeye behind the gold brick to make acrobat poles appear. Now Widow can get across the pit too.

Once more, use Black Widow’s invisibility to sneak by the camera and deadly turrets. Use the spinning platforms to ride across the gap in the lava generator and pull the lever to turn the security off.

Use Hawkeye to tear off the pull handle against the right edge of the screen, and the heroes will stumble upon Hydra’s warheard storage room.

Cut through the gold wall, with Human Torch, and climb up to the catwalks guarded by Hydra soldiers. Hawkeye’s explosive arrows can destroy the silver Lego machine here.

Construct the hopping bricks, wall-jump with Widow, and cloak to sneak by the turrets to the security terminal. She’ll force the turrets to destroy each other, but leave behind a couple of tough soldiers.

The two guards are protected with gold vests. Fly above them and burn off the vests with Human Torch’s fire beam to defeat them.

In the next room, Captain America finally joins in on the fun.

To damage Red Skull, enter shield-stance with Captain America and hit the attack button when you’re in close proximity to the noseless fascist.

The next two hearts won’t be as easy. You’ll need to destroy turrets for each phase. The foreground turrets only require a lever be pulled and Johnny Storm to destroy the gold bricks beneath and finally smashing the blocks that appear.

To destroy the background turrets, construct the nearby hopping bricks into a Shield Switch. Activate the switch, then follow the same steps.

After smashing two turrets, Red Skull will return. Shield and attack to knock off another heart, then repeat the process.

Take off his last heart to complete the mission. Now it’s time to go after Loki!

Table of Contents

Bifrosty Reception

Flying to Asgard can be disorienting. You’re in control of the tiny Captain America – watch for rings of studs, follow those to avoid incoming debris.

Before long, you’ll be in the mystical realm and under attack by Frost Giants! All that ice has one answer; the Human Torch and his fire. Burn down the three large blocks of ice in the center of the arena.

Construct the hopping bricks to create a generator. Thor can power this up – but he needs to get charged first. Hold down the special button to charge Thor with electricity, then hold down his special button to fire a stream of lightning into the generator until it completely lights up.

The exit door to the rainbow road will open. Fight through the horde of 20 giants to reach the gates on the far end.

Loki is waiting. Get close and he’ll stun a single hero. Simply switch to another and punch Loki to get him reeling.

Now for the golden gate. Melt the ice with Human Torch, then target the blue cracks with Thor’s hammer. One door blown open!

Loki awaits at the top of some frozen steps. The same trick applies here, but only two heroes can reach him this time; Thor and Human Torch. Let Loki stun on hero, then attack Loki with another.

After hitting Loki, he’ll destroy some Lego columns and cause them to fall. Completely destroy them to find hopping bricks that result in a bridge for your flight-challenged heroes.

Wolverin is up next. Past the stairs, use his super-senses to discover a wall-climb section outside the icy blue chamber. Use the Claws Switch to open the interior, allowing Thor to charge-up and power-up the Lego generator inside.

Next up, melt the gold horse-statue with Human Torch and construct the hopping bricks into a Shield Switch. Activate that with Cap’s targeted attack and a turn-style will appear. Push it to create stairs up to the next level higher.

Once again, Loki is waiting. Punch him once to get the mischievous god to retreat. Wolverine is up to dig the dirt bricks to the left of the golden doors. Build the Claw Switch and activate it to make a generator appear.

Fly up to the generator and charge it with Thor. The elevator below will activate, allowing Wolverine to reach another sparkly super-senses area. Use them to reveal yellow cracks in a statue. The cracks might be yellow, but Thor’s hammer will break down the statue.

Blast the golden section of the statue’s head with Human Torch and construct the hopping bricks to complete a fountain nearby. The water helps spring to life two flowery platforms. Use those to chase Loki into the palace.

Of course, Loki plays tricks and summons a swarm of copies. None of them are real – use Wolverine and stand near the center to prompt his super-senses, revealing the true Loki. Smack the villain and he’ll retreat, but not before knocking over a chandelier.

Use the hopping bricks from the chandelier to construct a new Shield Switch.

Final battle time! Loki summons the Destroyer to attack. Avoid it’s deadly beam and magma attacks which linger on the ground, and don’t try to run up the stairs.

Instead, use Human Torch to melt the ice bricks on the left side and construct the hopping bricks into a Captain America pad. Now Captain America can reflect the beam back at your true enemy – aim for Loki instead of the giant robot.

Now a large glowing marker will appear near the Destroyer. Switch to Thor and attack while standing in the light to knock off a chunk of this giant’s armor.

Follow those same steps three times to defeat it. Melt the ice block, construct the Cap Pad, reflect the energy beam on Loki, then attack Destroyer with Thor.

For the final phase, Loki will summon another army of copies. You know his trick this time – use Wolverine’s super-senses to detect the real Loki.

The angry Loki will stun Wolverine. Just switch to another hero and put this bad guy down for the count… before his inevitable escape.

Table of Contents

Juggernauts and Crosses

The X-Mansion is under attack by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Not awesome. Run behind the fence to a fallen wall where Stan Lee is stuck behind some fire. Use Jean Grey’s special ability to take control of the civilian’s mind and fix the water pipes. Now, turn the pipe with her special ability.

Remember to stand close to make the prompt for Jean Grey appear. Once the fires are out, pick up the purple brick and attach it to the “X” embossed in the wall. Remember to look out for purple Lego bricks – usually psychic characters like Jean Grey can use them.

The students need saving from Magneto’s acolytes. Smash the wooden Lego bricks at the base of the stairs, on the right, to fix the steps. Inch past the fire on top and use Jean Grey on the large picture of herself to reveal a golden wall.

Cyclops can use his eye beams to cut through gold. Cut out an “X” then build the hopping bricks into a lever. Pull it to open a secret escape door, letting the first batch of students safely escape.

The room isn’t over yet, move left and blast the golden bricks to reveal a purple-hued bookshelf. Mess with it using Jean Grey’s psychic powers and pull the hidden lever to save even more students.

The Juggernaut isn’t happy about that, and blasts open a door on the far right of the hall. Follow the lummox!

To get by the mess the big red ox causes, mind-control a worker across the fire and enter the ruined room in the background to construct the hopping bricks into a working water pump.

With the fires dyed down, use Jean Grey on the purple-hinged door. Now both heroes can enter the room in the background and get by the fires in the hall.

The ruined path of Juggernaut is strewn with gold bricks. Blast them with Cyclops, then use Jean Grey’s psychic power on the left-over rubble.

Inside the dining room, Toad has Storm wrapped around his gross tongue! There’s an easy way to solve this problem, switch to Storm and tap the attack button to zap the frog into submission. Now that he’s given up, it’s time to save more of the students.

The goal here is to make three chairs appear around the table and use Jean Grey’s psychic power to interact. The first chair is already in place. Move it to release the first lock.

Hover with Storm by pressing jump twice, then fly over the fires on the right to put them out and reveal another chair. The last chair is constructed with the hopping bricks from the piano on the left. Smash it up, and release all three locks by interacting (use Jean Grey!) with all three chairs at the table.

A generator will appear. Storm can charge-up and zap generators to power them in the same way Thor can. Activating it will let the students escape, but your road outside is blocked by another security door.

Deal with the bad mutants and cut through the gold metal on the blast door with Cyclops. Ignore the silver, that’s for use in Free Mode. Use Jean Grey to interact with the opening to plug in a blue generator for Storm to power.

Outside, say hello to Iceman! Stand near him and switch, then press the special attack button rapidly to defeat Pyro. Iceman can put out fires from a distance with his ice beam.

Up the steps, an explosion will reveal Juggernaut fighting Colossus inside the mansion! Use Iceman’s ice beam on the fountain to create an ice-wall and freeze Juggernaut in place… for now. It also has the added function of creating stairs up to the roof.

Put out the fires up top and melt the gold brick to reveal a pool of dripping water. Blast the water with Iceman’s beam to create a bridge over the fallen mansion parapet.

Over the ice bridge, it’s just a simple matter of moving the plant-life with Jean Grey, then destroying the golden windowsill with Cyclops.

Back inside the mansion, use Jean Grey to move the bookcase to the left of the big screen TV. Move it right to reveal a glass room with a worker behind glass. Mind-control him to flip the big switch.

Step on the corresponding switches that appear on the big screen to open another secret escape hatch. Another batch of evil minions will appear, and leave hopping bricks next to the stairs on the right side of the screen.

Build the hopping bricks into a platform. Jump on with each character, and lift it up with Jean Grey to reach the second floor. Yep, Jean Grey can lift it while she’s standing on it, too.

Next, put out the fires across the gap and near the large door in the fire background with Iceman, then interact with the purple bits with Jean Grey. She can create a bridge, but it’s up to Cyclops to blast the golden hinges.

Back in the entrance hall, Gambit is keeping Juggernaut busy. Put out the fires on the right-stairs and smash the Lego debris to get to the upper floor, where more fires are spreading near the window. Once again, put those out.

Construct the hopping bricks to form two color-coded knight statues. Place the blue armor on the blue pad and the red armor on the red pad with Jean Grey.

The painting of Charles Xavier in the center of the room will open to reveal a blue generator. Power that thing up with a charged Storm and an elevator will appear. Load in to enter the secret base under the school.

The fight with Juggernaut continues in the X-Hangar. Stand still with Jean Grey and wait for the big guy to throw a chunk of Lego bricks at your heroine. Use her special ability once the block flies close to send it back into his head.

Now he’ll charge circles around the room! Put out the fires in the back left corner, and construct the bricks into a pole for the wall on the left. Hold down both poles at the same time to open the blue wall.

Smash the crate that pops out, and construct the pieces into a stereo. Juggernaut will come running, but get stuck in the water pipes. Freeze the water with Iceman and finally use Jean Grey’s power to throw the block of ice.

The next phase is almost identical to the first. Instead of building a pole, you’ll construct a security terminal that only Beast can use.

Finally, Juggernaut will land in the center and throw a crate, causing piles of hopping bricks to fall into the arena. Build them into a security terminal for Beast, and press the blue buttons to guide the crane down the path shown on screen.

At the end of the road, the crane will pull Juggernaut’s helmet off, leaving him vulnerable to Jean Grey’s mind-control.

Tap the prompts that appear, then when you have Juggernaut, grab the two green handles in the background. Use Iceman’s beam on the water pool, then Jean Grey’s power on the frozen bad guy.

Table of Contents

Doctor in the House

Before the mission can get started, follow the ghost studs to Central Park and use Invisible Woman’s psychic forcefield power to move the purple Lego stand until it spits out hopping bricks and hotdogs.

Construct the bricks into a Four Pad, and use it with Mr. Fantastic, which causes the Fantasticar to appear. Hop on to begin Shield’s invasion of Latveria.

Dr. Doom’s castle is a nasty place. After falling through the sky, the team becomes separated. Pull the handle with Fantastic, then use Sue’s power to lift the blocks to create steps.

On the upper ledge, grab a rock with Thing’s special move and throw it at the yellow crack, revealing a pull handle for Fantastic to use. Pull the lever, and a ladder will appear.

Switch to Invisible Woman – she too can use Cap Pads! Make sure to keep her shield up before stepping in. Aim for the blue circle to activate the laser bridge.

Across, grab the green handles with Thing and build the hopping bricks into a new Four Pad. Use Mr. Fantastic to reveal a security terminal. Using the computer, simply move the icon over the X and attack to shut the dish off, starting up the laser bridge to the right.

Smash the yellow cracks, then attach each platform to the purple landing. Climb up with Invisible Woman and turn invisible to get by the security cameras. Step on the red button and use her TK bubble special ability to lift the bricks under the glass until they appear upstairs.

Outside the security gate, use Mr. Fantastic to jump up by interacting with the white marker.

Construct the hopping bricks and push the green handle to turn off the red laser fence. Smash the yellow cracks up the steps to find a TK Lego set beyond. Grab it with Invisible Woman, then squeeze through the grating with Mr. Fantastic.

Glide over the gap and pull the glowing handle, build the Four Pad, and use it to open the door below so everyone can enter the next section of the castle.

The Human Torch is surrounded! Come to his rescue by running down the steps and punching through the yellow cracks, then switching to Invisible Woman.

Turn invisible and sneak by the camera to enter the security room. Punch the Doombot and use TK on the glowing purple plug to shut down the camera, allowing Mr. Fantastic to enter the room and use the security terminal.

Pull the handle with Fantastic to lower the ladder, then climb up with Thing to grab the Lego object with green handles. Throw it at the yellow cracks in the background, then switch to Invisible Woman. Smash the crates on the left side of the arena and build the parts into a Cap Pad. Use her to bounce the beam into the blue Lego dish on the left.

Saving Human Torch is a cinch. Just switch to him when you’re near. Sadly, he isn’t useful yet – instead, use Thing to pull the green handles up the stairs on the left.

Climb the ladder and switch to Fury to rescue him too. Now your team is complete, everyone is reunited. Up the ladder, use Human Torch to destroy the gold brick, then use Invisible Woman to turn the massive turret – now you’re ready to pull the lever at the base of the gun.

Follow that order, and you’ll blow a hole in the wall to the right. Tug down the pull handle with Mr. F to draw a squad of Doombots down on a lift.

Return to the main courtyard and blast the gold wall with Human Torch’s fire beam. Pile into the lift with all five heroes.

Upstairs, it’s the Fantastic Four vs. the Green Goblin. Doombots will swarm the heroes while Green Goblin blasts through the castle windows. After a short time, hopping bricks will appear after one window blows open.

Construct the hopping bricks to create a set with green handles. It’s Thing’s turn to shine. Grab the set and toss it at Goblin. He’ll attack without his glider now – smack him with a few attacks until he retreats on his glider.

For the second phase, the hopping bricks will create a flyswatter for Invisible Woman to use. After Goblin is knocked down, he’ll attack again on foot. The final pile of hopping bricks is for Mr. Fantastic. Hit Green Goblin one more time to earn yourself a victory, but Dr. Doom is still out there somewhere.

Table of Contents

That Sinking Feeling

It isn’t obvious how to start this level. Destroy the Lego junk next to the computer console where the two AIM soldiers are standing. Construct the pieces to create a security terminal for Iron Man. Match the wires with the image above to complete the puzzle.

Water will put out the fires blocking the gold wall. Iron Man’s new armor can fire a cutting beam with his special attack. Use it to cut a hole in the wall, then use Spider-Man’s spider-senses to climb the wall inside.

Use senses again on the large pipe and pull both handles to get water flowing into the large door on the right. Jump down to the door with Spider-Man and uses senses yet again to reveal two more pull handles. Well – pull them to put out the fire.

Destroy the no-longer-on-fire Lego things and construct the pieces into a blue generator. Power it up with Thor to open the door. Wade through the swarms of soldiers ahead to reach another massive dock.

Continue to move right to find a boat. Fly up with Iron Man and blast the silver crates to reveal a second blue generator for Thor. Once powered, the crane will move left and sense-dots will appear. Use Spider-Man to reveal pull-handles… and pull the handles!

Build the parts into a terminal. Use it with Iron Man, and navigate the remote sub into both large red buttons.

Cross the new bridge toward the neon green turbine, and destroy the gold crate with Iron Man’s beam. The ensuing hopping bricks build yet another blue generator. Charge it to open the door above, leading out and into the next room.

Boss time! M.O.D.O.K. Appears in the arena, covered in a shield. Defeat AIM soldiers until the boss fires a large energy beam – and notice that his shield drops.

Without a shield, he’s vulnerable. Use a ranged attack to hit him. He’ll get angry, though, and charge a super-attack. Fly off the arena to avoid it, then attack him while stunned to hurt him.

He follows the same pattern two more times. Once defeated, things get crazy.

Appeared underwater, the heroes have to stay inside Jean Grey’s water bubble. Destroy the green Lego ruins to the left of the intricate door in the background to reveal white cracks in the ground. Smash those cracks with Thor!

The hopping bricks construct a starfish on the door. When it stops waving, use spider-senses and then grab the pull handles with webs to open the path through the wreckage.

Continue right back onto the sea bed until spotting some Greek-ish ancient ruins. Use spider-senses to reveal pull handles, which in turn makes white cracks become visible. Smash through the cracks with Thor’s hammer.

One ruin destroyed leads to another silver blockade. Blow the silver away with Iron Man missiles, then smash through the fallen minifig statue’s white cracks with Thor.

The pillar ahead is held by golden tentacles. Use Iron Man’s energy beam on all four to create a bridge over the deadly gap. Ahead, it’s a straight shot to the sunken Shield sub. Use Thor to strike the white cracks to end the mission.

Table of Contents

Taking Liberties

Lady Liberty is on a rampage! Pop out of the Shield vehicle, and use Hulk to cross the deadly green slime. One thing that isn’t immediately obvious? Hulk can climb ladders too! Smash the yellow cracks with Hulk.

Smash the green cracks too, over the slime. Just use Hulk’s special ability to rip a rock out of the ground and target the cracks. Now Wolverine can jump on the new platforms and climb the ladder to hit the Claw Switch.

Pulling the Claw Switch will dump hopping bricks, which form into a Four Pad for Mr. Fantastic. Move it to get rid of the statue’s giant hand.

The goal here is to get all three heroes across the slime gap. Dive down into the muck with Hulk and use the green handles to destroy the Lego tower blocking the way for Mr. Fantastic and Wolverine.

Put Hulk on the inactive elevator, then switch to Wolverine. Use his super-senses to reveal a wall-climb section, then slash through the yellow cracks to discover a security terminal. Mr. Fantastic has it easy, just use the pull handle and glide across the gap.

Use the terminal to raise the elevator for Hulk.

Once Hulk is up, grab the Lego object with green handles and throw it at the yellow cracks. The statue’s arm will retreat again, letting Mr. Fantastic reach another security terminal across the bridge.

Using the terminal will move a platform for Wolverine. Hulk can just walk through the slime safely, and Mr. Fantastic just needs to use the grating hidden against the right wall.

Near the elevator, all the group needs to do is stand on the three buttons. One large button for Hulk, and two smaller ones for the other two. Defeat the minions to make it easier.

Upstairs, the team will need to dodge electrified turbines after Hulk pulls on the first set of green handles. Passing the first spinning danger, use Wolverine’s Claw Switch to activate the next.

The way past the turning green-bar switching machine is too dangerous. Don’t cross the next bridge yet, instead pull the green handles on the Lego door and send Logan in with his super-senses.

Use his senses to find the wall-climbable section to reach the upper landing, then move right and use them again to see he can climb across the curved top bit of the switching machine to go right.

There’s a claw switch on the catwalk, just after getting across the machine. The glowing green bars will slow enough for Mr. Fantastic and Hulk to get by – now all you need to do is grab the pull handle on the yellow door with Reed Richards to escape.

But, the level isn’t over yet. One foot-stomp later, and the heroes are trapping inside the Statue of Liberty.

Appearing in the middle of the statue, the heroes have a long way up to reach the head. Use Wolverine’s super-senses to detect the climbable wall in the background, visible from the start. Use the Claw Switch and the lift will lower for Hulk and Richards.

Mr. Fantastic can ride up the lift and use the grating to the left to get to a new platform with a glowing brown Lego object. Smash it and build the pieces into a pull handle, which Mr. Fantastic can use, dropping a new platform so Wolvie and Hulk can cross.

Grab the green handles with Hulk to open more stairs up, leading to a fire blocking the team’s path. It’s hard to spot behind those Lego fires, but there is another grating in the background, up the steps.

Getting past the fires, Mr. Fantastic will have more minions to deal with. Destroy them, then smash the brown Lego crate next to the base of the stairs leading up. Construct the pieces into a Four Pad, and use it to fix the Lego bridge.

Now Hulk or Wolverine can smash the yellow cracked wall. Up more steps, and up to another floor with circular platforms. Use Mr. Fantastic to squeeze through the grating and -carefully- walk across the single wooden beam.

Tug the pull handle with those stretchy arms to drop down another bridge, letting Hulk get at the nearby green handles. Sadly, Hulk can’t climb this ladder. He’ll have to take the elevator, which is currently inoperable.

Send Mr. Fantastic up the ladder so he can use the pull handle to the left. That gets the elevator working again, but a crashed ship will block the way forward.

Smash the crate and construct the bricks to make a narrow bridge. Send Wolverine across – at the end of the path is another yellow crack, and Hulk can’t walk over this small bridge.

Build the pieces that fall out into a Four Pad, and Mr. Fantastic will use it to put out the fires. Now Hulk can grab the green handles on the crashed ship to get it out of the way.

Climb the stairs to the very top, where Magneto’s goons are waiting. Simply activate the Claw Switch to drop down a spiral staircase, leading up to the head, and the level’s boss.

It’s Mastermind! This fiend takes control of Wolverine first, summoning up spirits of Sabretooth to attack. There’s nothing you can do yet, just attack Wolverine, until the switch button flashes over his head.

Switch to Wolverine, then rapidly press the button prompt to break free of his control.

Mr. Fantastic is next, followed by Hulk. Just follow the same pattern – attack your mind-controlled ally until you can switch to them, then mash the button to break free of Mastermind.

Hulk is trickier to fight. He can only be harmed when he transforms back into Bruce Banner.

Once all three heroes are free, Mastermind will jump down and summon an army of copies. But, remember what Wolverine did with Loki? Use super-senses to detect the real Mastermind and hit him once to end the battle.

Table of Contents

Rapturous Rise

Target the shiny bushes and green leaves against the rock wall to collect enough hopping bricks to build a pump. Jump up and down on the device a few times to pop Thing free.

Smash the green brush to the right covering the rocky Lego wall to reveal yellow cracks. Smash through with Thing, and run to the electrical fence to discover a new enemy – auto-turrets! These turrets will blast any heroes in range.

Get rid of them by entering Shield-stance with Captain America. Their shots will bounce off Cap and reflect back at the guns, destroying them.

Grab the big rock near the former turret and throw it at the yellow cracks to reveal a Shield Switch. Hit the switch with Captain America’s shield and the electricity will shut off.

Run up towards the rocky wall (Watch out for the turret! Use Captain America’s shield!) and destroy the green brush to reveal two green handles for Thing to tear off. Construct the pieces left behind and push the new turn-style to raise the bridge over the waterfall.

There’s another turret. Shield Cap and then run down the path to find poles for Cap to swing on. Smash the green Lego leaves hiding a Shield Switch, which will shut off the power to the fence when activated.

Climb up into the shipwreck with the rope and throw Cap’s shield at the base of the crane. Use the fallen crane to get onto the ship’s deck and pull off the green handles.

Punch the leaves on the fallen Lego tree, and once again, use the green handles to clear the path. Down the jungle path, there’s another set of green handles! Deal with the dinosaurs first to make the area safe for handle destruction.

Two poles will be visible above. Climb the upper path with Captain America, swing on the poles, then enter the crashed plane by entering Shield-stance to walk across the fire. Destroy the random wooden Lego blocks to reveal a switch – pulling it will create a bridge for Thing to get up to Cap.

Switch to Captain America and destroy the Lego bricks on the ridge, closer to the foreground, to attach green handles onto the next chunk of crashed plane. In the crash site, filled with more dinos and evil mutants, clear out the Lego objects to find hopping bricks.

The pieces build into a wheeled jet engine-mobile. Hop on to automatically drive into the rocks in the background, blowing them away.

The metal bridge is blocked off. To open the door in for Thing, jump onto the hand-holds below the bridge with Captain America and shimmy right. Watch out for the turrets on the other side!

Jump up the cliffs then fight back through the bridge to hit the switch, opening the door for Thing to cross and grab the green handles. Climb the old steps and grab a boulder to throw at the yellow glowing cracks above.

Now Cap can climb the ladder, construct the bricks into a Shield Switch, and activate it to turn off the electricity fence.

Storm joins the party, and you’ll need her soon. Smash the yellow cracks with Thing, then build the bricks into a blue generator. Just like Thor, Storm can charge generators once she summons lightning.

Through the open door, two more turrets will appear. Destroy the green leaves – or just stand near the debris with Captain America’s shield up until the beams clear the brush for you. Then use the Cap Pad to reflect the lasers back on the guns.

Clear more brush to construct the hopping bricks ahead into a second generator. Charge it, and another massive gate will lower.

Boss time! Magneto isn’t going to come quietly. He sends Rhino after the Marvel heroes first. Destroy the debris in the center of the arena, or lead Rhino to charge through the brown bricks, to uncover hopping bricks.

The parts construct into a giant pumpkin. Stand near it to try and coax Rhino to charge it. When he’s stunned, attack Rhino with Thing, then follow the prompts to defeat the first phase of the boss.

Now Magneto attacks, shielding himself with lots of metal before creating a huge Lego chunk to smash down on the good guys. There’s nothing you can do yet, just run from Magneto’s attacks, fighting minions, until the blue and gray Lego explodes into hopping bricks.

Construct the bricks into a heavy Lego object with green handles – perfect for Thing to use! Throw it at Magneto’s shield to stun him, then attack the vulnerable villain to take off a single heart.

Follow the steps three times to finish this fight – and see that it was Mystique all along. Magneto’s still on the run, with Dr. Doom and Loki in his giant spacebase.

Table of Contents

Magnetic Personality

Before starting the level, Iron Man will need to solve a puzzle at a security terminal. Match the symbols to look like the image above.

In Asteroid M, tons of evil mutants will attack. They aren’t infinite, but it seems that way. Keep crushing the bad guys until you’re clear, then explore right-of-center in the central circle of the room to find blue and red dots.

Use Spider-Man’s super-senses to reveal pull handles, which lead to silver bricks for Iron Man to destroy with his targeted missile attack. Behind all the silver is a blue generator – that’s for Thor to charge.

Look to the left for a mirrored device. Blow up the silver, charge the blue generator, and you’ll get even more bricks. Destroy the Lego objects that pour out to find enough hopping bricks to construct a turn-style. Push it!

The massive door in the background will break apart, opening up the exit to the hangar.

Magneto won’t make things easy. Luckily, all three heroes can fly (or swing) across the rolled up bridge. At the area with the raised mechanical pillars, look at the glass and use Spider-Man’s senses to discover a cracked Lego wall. This is a job for Thor’s hammer.

Through the glass, pull the handle with webbing. Tons of hopping bricks to pop out of the over head pipes, which build into a large machine in desperate need of Thor’s lightning.

The path is now open! Jump over and use Spidey-senses again to detect the shimmering background wall that Spider-Man can climb. Upstairs, Magneto will lock a gigantic door.

The levers on both sides of the door need to be pulled down. Fix the lever on the right by destroying the silver Lego objects, then constructing the pieces. Now pull down one lever with Iron Man, and the other with Thor – keep both levers pulled at the same time.

While the levers are down, switch to Spider-Man to use his web-lines to pull the handles – tearing down the wall into the Asteroid control room.

Magneto runs away again, but leaves an army of minions. The control panel down the narrow path has another two pull handles for Spider-Man. A real security terminal will appear for Iron Man to hack which re-activates the bridge right.

Magneto really wants to fight this time. He forms a huge version of himself, while evil mutants infinitely swarm in. The most annoying thugs stand on the ridge above the arena, shooting down at the heroes. Blast them whenever possible!

After a short amount of time, Magneto will summon up several Lego chunks and throw them, leaving behind hopping bricks. Wait for about six chunks to break apart, then build the pieces into an attack for Iron Man.

Once the giant form is stunned, attack Magneto while he’s on the ground. Take off a few hearts, and he’ll restart the pattern.

The second object is for Thor, and the final object is for Thor to power with his thunder, then Spider-Man to throw. Hit Magneto with the last Lego object to finish the battle.

Table of Contents

A Doom with a View

Get started by using Spider-Man’s super-senses on the platform beneath the massive fan to reveal a pull handle. Web the handle to create a bridge, now Captain America can wall-jump up the narrow shaft to the left of the fan and reach a glowing Lego object – smash it up and build the parts.

Of course, the hopping bricks construct a Shield Switch for Cap. A large device will appear, while the camera moves to show a new blue generator. Use Storm’s summoning lightning to power the generator.

The raised platform to the right will lower, allowing all the heroes to continue into the base. Tear into the green handles with Thing. Hit the Shield Switch behind it, then pull the handle that appears above.

A laser beam will blast downward, destroying a Lego object and leaving hopping bricks behind. Build the bricks into a Cap Pad, and reflect the beam into circular purple marker to the right of the beam.

The bridge will slide out, letting the heroes reach another Yellow Crack with a blue generator beneath. Use Thing to smash the cracks, and Storm to charge the generator to activate an elevator. Thing can ride the elevator up to find yet another set of green handles.

Pull off the Magneto-shaped blast shield, and Spider-Man can open the door by webbing-up both pull handles.

In the tubes outside the space station, watch out for the turrets ahead. Use Captain America’s shield-stance to bounce the energy blasts back and destroy both guns. The conveyor on the floor makes it impossible for Thing and Cap to progress here.

Use Storm’s floating ability to fly over the conveyor and power the blue generator with her lightning. The conveyor will switch directions, allowing Captain America to destroy the next two turrets with his shield ability.

Spider-sense the next door, web the handle and construct the hopping bricks into a Shield Switch. There’s another conveyor ahead – float over it with Storm, smash the crate near the controls and build the parts into a generator.

To enter the airlock room, use spidey-senses and smash open the door with Thing once the yellow cracks appear. Use Cap’s shield ability to destroy the auto-turrets and then climb the wall to the left with Spider-Man, revealed with his super senses.

Inside the glass enclosure, smash the Lego object and build the hopping bricks into a turn-style. Push it to release the locks on the left side of the massive airlock door. Now time to do the right side. Tear open the green handles over on the opposite side, wall-jump up with Cap and push the turn-style.

With all the locks open, a blue generator will appear at the center of the airlock. Charge it up and tug the green handles when they lower to pull the space door off its hinges.

The space-flight leads directly into a fight with Dr. Doom and his minions. Start the fight by crushing 20 Doombots, and Doom will summon a big giant robot. To hurt this special minion, dodge his charge so he trips, then attack the stunned bot with Thing. Mashing attack will reveal a handle for Spidey.

Web the handle to send the big robot flying. Dr. Doom will jump into a massive energy turret, blasting the ceiling before targeting the heroes. Construct the hopping bricks near the center of the arena to create a Cap Pad, so Captain America can reflect Dr. Doom’s beam back at him.

Don’t target the turret. Instead, blow away the spinning neon blue generator rings above Doom. Once destroyed, Doom will land and begin electrocuted Cap. Switch to another hero, and give the villain a punch.

The pattern will restart with another V-Series Doombot attacking. You know what to do now; dodge the bot’s charge, attack with Thing, pull the face-handle with Spidey. Build the hopping bricks to a Cap Pad, destroy the generator, then switch to punch Dr. Doom in the back.

Destroy a third V-Series Doombot, and Dr. Doom will attack without a turret for the final round. Simply switch out of your stunned hero, and attack Doom from behind to defeat him.

Table of Contents

The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

Ready to fight the final boss? The heroes and villains unite to take down Galactus. The space creature wants to eat the Earth, and that’s no good for anyone involved.

To get the mission started, use Magneto’s abilities to remove the metallic boot from the flying vehicle.

Facing off with Galactus, the heroes need to help repair the Helicarrier first. Grab the Lego boulder with green handles, with Thing, and throw it at the yellow cracks to destroy the first piece of debris.

Next, get Green Goblin in the action by throwing pumpkin bombs at the two chunks of silver blocking up the rotor. Just hold down attack and target both.

Galactus doesn’t like what you’re doing, and will shake up the carrier, dropping a Shield flyer down onto the deck. Grab the green handles to find hopping bricks underneath. Construct them into a pull handle for Spider-Man to tug.

A security terminal will raise up out of the deck. Only Mystique can hack the terminal, but the rotor isn’t fixed yet. Grab Spider-Man and use his spidey-senses near the wrecked section to the left. Use the web-handles to raise the rotor, and blow Galactus away from the carrier!

Iron Man can do most of the work here. Blow up the silver bricks with his missile targeting attack, then melt the gold bricks with his special beam. The gold, under the rubble, is most important. Smash it to reveal a security terminal – Iron Man can use that one, too!

With the rotor raised, switch to Venom and use his super senses to reveal pull-handles. To get rid of the barrier, make sure to clear out the gold and silver bricks to the right.

Once raised up, Galactus will damage the rotor, but Iron Man will gladly rev it up for the team.

With the third group, start by webbing the pull-handles to the left where a helicopter is held down. When it flies off, use the Four Pad to crack open a Shield crate. Smash the smaller crate to collect all the hopping bricks – build them!

Once the portal device is fixed, the terminal will power-up. Use it with Mr. Fantastic, and match the image above to open a portal behind Galactus.

The giant monster will shake the carrier again, sending the portal-beam off target. Pointing down and left, the energy will break another Lego object, leaving behind hopping bricks. Construct the pieces with Captain America, then reflect the portal beam back toward the giant black hole.

Use Magneto on the shiny blue Lego bricks, and power the generator with Storm or Dr. Doom. Hopping bricks will appear – build them to form part of a Globe!

To finish the globe, break the blue metal bricks with Magneto to the left. To the right, use Storm’s floating ability to put out the fires. Closer to the foreground on the left, use Cyclops’ beam to destroy the gold bricks.

Complete the globe to defeat Galactus and save the Earth.

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