Lego Reveals Doctor Who Set In Time For Christmas Special

doctor who lego 2

After being submitted in early 2014 and approved by fans, Lego reveals that a Doctor Who set is finally being released.

Well, it appears the idea was not lost in time after all.

A Doctor Who set, submitted to Lego Ideas in February 2014 by user AndrewClark2, will finally come out of its time bubble on December 1, in time for the Time Lord’s Christmas Special this year.

The set will include Matt Smith’s Doctor (#11) and the current Peter Capaldi version, as well as companion Clara Oswald. The police box Tardis and an interior console layout will be part of the set. In addition, a Weeping Angel (don’t blink) and two Daleks will be included.

Unfortunately, it looks like the set is already a little dated based on the current season 9 of the show. One image has Peter Capaldi with a sonic screwdriver, which fans know he doesn’t have any more. Someone at Lego needs to equip him with a pair of sunglasses.

The set will be sold for $59.95 when it finally hits shelves.

Source: Lego

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