LEGO RoboCop Steps in To Do His Doody

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Marin Stipkovic’s LEGO brick RoboCop can hold weapons, wear jet packs and step in plastic feces.

While RoboCop as a film franchise has definitely had it’s lesser moments, there’s no denying that the character is pretty danged awesome. Watching him bust into a room and just blast baddies into bloody bits is a spectacle that never gets old. For real, watch him do it and then click repeat five more times in immediate succession. We promise that it won’t get old.

You know what else doesn’t get old? LEGO. As time has proven again and again, LEGO bricks, patience and a bit of creativity can go an epically long way. That being the case, it only makes sense that someone would take RoboCop‘s union of man and machine and transform it into a coupling of LEGO and man.

That someone would be Marin Stipkovic, a 23-year old resident of Croatia, he recently released a gallery to Flickr showcasing his custom LEGO brick RoboCop model. While perhaps not as hyper-detailed as some of the custom builds we’ve seen in the past, Stipkovic’s RoboCop has a nice look to it and features some impressive articulation that allows it to perform a variety of different actions such as holding a weapon, doing pushups and stepping in Robo-poop (much more potent than the regular kind).

You also have to appreciate some of the accessories that Stipkovic created to go along with his model. While some of these come straight from the movies (gun, jet pack, wrist-mounted missile launcher) others are of a sillier variety that meshes really well with the style that Stipkovic went with. All in all, it’s just a really nifty build that, in the least, is leagues cooler than anything else that’s come out of RoboCop recently.

Source: Flickr

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