LEGO Universe on Consoles, But Not Until 2010


LEGO Universe, the MMO based on, well, building with LEGOs, will likely find its way onto consoles, says the game’s Project Lead. Unfortunately, it won’t be until after 2009 – though LEGO lovers should have some titles to tide themselves over in the interim.

In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, LEGO’s Director of Business Development and LEGO Universe Project Lead Mark Hansen said that he could “definitely see” the game coming to consoles – but that they were “still evaluating when it would be best to come out on console,” given that there are currently a number of other MMOs in development for platforms other than the PC.

While the release of the MMO was pushed back to after 2009, this delay was apparently not the result of problems in production like such delays often are, but rather out of a desire not to “overshadow” the LEGO franchise’s other titles coming out this year. And there will be other LEGO titles hitting shelves in 2009, says Hansen, not mincing words: “You will see more games in 2009.”

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