After five unsuccessful nominations, DiCaprio has finally taken home the academy award for best actor.

Film buffs will know that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar nominations have become somewhat of a running joke. The poor guy has been nominated five times, for his roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Blood Diamond and The Wolf of Wall Street, but never took home the little golden guy. Until now, that is, with the accomplished actor winning 2016’s academy award for best actor.

DiCaprio won the award for his role in The Revenant – a survival drama in which his character, frontiersman Hugh Glass, is stranded in the American wilderness.

In his acceptance speech (which the poor guy has been perfecting for over twenty years) DiCaprio thanked his director and co-star Tom Hardy for his “fierce talent on screen” and “friendship off screen” before campaigning for action to combat climate change, saying making The Revenant was “about man’s relationship to the natural world”.

You can watch the full speech in the video to the right.

Source: BBC

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