Lian Li Computer Case Desk 310x

Two new DK models start at $999.

Lian-Li has always been near the top of the PC chassis heap, making cases that are sleek, minimalist, yet highly functional.

But Lian-Li also has a penchant for the strange — remember their Train Case? — even if strange doesn’t translate to a high-functioning product.

But its new DK chassis lineup seems to be a perfect blend of strange and functionality, putting a full-featured PC case inside of a clear-top computer desk. The two new models — DK-01 and DK-02 — aren’t cheap ($999 and $1,299, respectively), but they represent a thoughtful combination of the two most important aspects of desktop computing.

The DK-01 can house all the necessary hardware for one PC, while the 02 has enough internal real estate for one full-size machines, as well as a second mini-ITX solution. Motherboard mounts (all sizes supported), up to ten 3.5-inch drives, banks of USB 3.0 ports, and tempered glass tops that can support up to 176 pounds. There’s even built-in slots for slim-style optical drives. Both desks include lowered platforms for your mouse and keyboard, as well as hooks on the sides to hang your headphones on.

Are the DK cases going to cost more than your average $100 IKEA desk and $100 or so computer case? Sure, but if you have the scratch, and you really love eyeballing your PC hardware while you’re…PCing, the DK case-desks might be worth a look.

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