“Like” This Battlefield 3 Trailer, Get 12 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


EA DICE has a 12-minute-long gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3 in its vaults, but enough Facebook “likes” on its teaser could get it released early

Despite some rather silly words from EA executives, I’m quite looking forward to DICE’s Battlefield 3, anti-sniper rocket launchers and all.

This little teaser trailer you see to the right doesn’t make the wait any easier, either. Battlefield 3 is a stunningly gorgeous-looking game, the combat seems engaging and just hectic enough to be in that “sweet spot” of chaos. Also, any game which has you shooting down jet fighters in high-speed dogfights gets a plus in my book.

But this is just that – a teaser. EA has a 12-minute long extended gameplay trailer that it plans on releasing in a few days – I’ve heard this coming Monday, but can’t find anything confirming that on the Battlefield site. However, if the Facebook page gets a million “likes,” DICE will release the full thing early.

At time of writing, the page has just over 700,000 Likes, so we’re more than halfway there. Unfortunately for EA, though, Valve may have just taken the wind out of its sails with a similar, if exponentially more brilliant marketing stunt for Portal 2.

Get to it, Battlefield fans! That is, if you aren’t too busy trying to unlock Portal 2.

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