For many, it’s the best game ever made – and it’s coming to a 3D-capable handheld near you.

For some people, it’s laughable that the 3DS’ killer app is a port of a game that came out in 1998. For others, it doesn’t matter because The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is rightly legendary.

Nintendo has released a new teaser trailer for Ocarina 3D, and it is one hell of a blast from the past. It all looks a bit familiar, but then again it all should look a bit familiar, shouldn’t it? The graphics have been given a facelift, and while it’s still obviously N64-era stuff it’s nice to see what the game looks like with actual textures beyond “brown blob, grassy blob,” and at a resolution higher than that of the screen on a graphing calculator.

That said, there are spoilers in this video – significant spoilers – so if you haven’t played the original Ocarina of Time you probably shouldn’t watch it. And if you haven’t played the original Ocarina of Time, then you have clearly lived a life that is less joyful than it might have been otherwise.

There are plenty of legendary games in this world, but Ocarina stirs something special inside of me. I had that game memorized backwards and forwards back in the day, and I can recognize every single location in this trailer right down to the “Oh hey, I hated that part” feeling. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, either.

I guess I’ll have to get around to getting a 3DS, then.

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