Peter Molyneux’ Lionhead Studios, creator of Fable and the Black & White series, will be supporting this year’s Child’s Play Fundraiser by auctioning roles in the studio’s upcoming RPG Fable 2.

Winning bidders can have their names immortalized in one of five roles in the game that will be up for grabs: A shopkeeper, a farmer, an “important” villager, a monk and a quest giver. Along with the promise of everlasting fame, the studio is also putting more tangible items on the block, including underwear signed by Peter Molyneux, the only known surviving Fable T-shirt signed by the development team in 2004, a framed Black & White 2 poster signed by Molyneux and the development team, and lots of other cool stuff.

Originally launched by Penny Arcade in support of the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Child’s Play has quickly grown to support over 45 hospitals around the world. Since its founding, the charity has raised over $2 million in games, toys and cash to help make life a little brighter for sick kids. This year’s Child’s Play Fundraiser Dinner Auction is taking place on December 11 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. More information about the charity, as well as instructions on making donations to the hospital of your choice, are available at

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