Lionhead Working On Non-Fable Games?


Peter Molyneux’s studio is currently busy churning out Fable II DLC, but the company’s also looking beyond Albion to what Molyneux has called “other innovational titles.”

Though Lionhead Studios head Peter Molyneux is well known among old fogies for being the brains behind games like Populous and Dungeon Keeper, for the last few years his name has been exclusively tied to a single title: Fable, the action-RPG series that has become a marquee franchises for the Xbox. Molyneux, however, is wary of having his name and his company tied to a single game. “Lionhead stands for much more than just what Fable is, and we’re working on things beyond that,” he told Develop.

Sounds like Molyneux and crew are working on something that isn’t Fable, though he’s coy about telling us exactly how many somethings he’s got in the works. “We’re working on Fable things – we’ve just done the DLC and we are working on other stuff,” he said. “But we’re also working on other innovational titles – and I’m not going to say title or titles, whether it’s a prototype or experiment, whether it’s near or far away – but I can say that what we’re always trying to do is create something that is meaningful.”

For Molyneux, the key is delivering a new and innovative experience. As he put it, Lionhead only trucks in “landmark titles,” and Lionhead “tries to stand for innovation and to give people things that they perhaps might not have expected or imagined. That’s very important to us.”

So I guess we can scratch Black and White 3: Blacker and Whiter off the list. Molyneux and Lionhead will be in attendance at this week’s Game Developers Conference, so we might hear word about the new project(s) soon enough.

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