Game designer John “Johnee” Beech is currently kayaking around the British Isles. He claims it’s for charity, though an argument could also be made that he’s simply gone totally insane.

I think it’s important to note that the route Beech has mapped out is 2,450 miles long. He’s navigating around the entirety of the British Isles, an area famous for dangerous, choppy seas and a notable lack of any pleasant, friendly aquatic life. He intends to travel this entire route in a kayak. Apparently using a real boat would have ruined the “suicidally insane” element of the stunt.

Oh, but Beech has very good reasons. I’ll let him explain:

Anyway now you know what I’m doing its time to ask “Why on earth would you do that you nutter?”. Well – quite simple really: it seemed like a good idea. Plus, I’ll be raising money for GamesAid UK.

GamesAid is a new UK video games industry based charity. It distributes funds to a diverse range of charities; it is a means of giving something back on behalf of the industry. Why GamesAid? well that’s easy. AS I mentioned earlier, I’m a games designer at Media Molecule, creators of PlayStation 3’s LittleBigPlanet series, and GamesAid seemed like the obvious choice.

So if you have read this and find it remotely amusing, horrifying, brave, insane or have pretty much had any emotional response please please please sponsor me! that would be super!

Given that I find Johnee’s stunt both amusing and horrifying, I’d like to urge you all to support the effort. You can pledge sponsorship of his journey at, and you can find more information about GamesAid at its official website.

If you’d like to cheer Beech on, you can also get updates from the man’s Twitter account, or follow his progress on an embedded map at the bottom of this thing’s official site.

If nothing else you should pay attention just in case he’s mistaken for a sea-faring Thom Yorke and abducted by mopey pirates.

Source: Media Molecule

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