Live Action Halo: Reach Trailer Depicts Spartan Sacrifice

A new live action trailer for Halo: Reach shows what the Battle of Reach would look like if it happened in real life.

Microsoft calls the latest Halo: Reach live action trailer, which goes by the title of “Deliver Hope,” the capstone on its efforts in depicting aspects of the game with real-life actors. While previous versions have focused on calmer scenes before the Battle of Reach, such as “Birth of a Spartan” which depicts a Spartan… being born, this one shows what things look like on Reach after the powderkeg explodes.

Filmed on location in Prague, it depicts a battle between the alien Covenant race and the UNSC forces of Reach. I’ve somehow kept myself from become engrossed in the world of Halo since the original game’s release, but even I think this trailer is really cool, and it makes me think the ethereal Halo movie would be a good idea. Associated with Halo or not, this trailer is also just a great sci-fi live action short.

What surprises and pleases me is how these shorts are directed so that they express a feeling of emotion rather than just trying to throw a bunch of explosions and gunfire together. Microsoft and Bungie’s frame of mind in promoting Reach seems to be to tug at our heartstrings due to the the sacrifices that the game’s soldiers and Spartans made in the Battle of Reach. They might be going a little too far, because ultimately most people will probably buy Halo: Reach just to shoot each other’s faces off and fly around on jetpacks, but this trailer at least has me more interested in the game’s single-player story too.

Just in case you forgot, Halo: Reach will be out on September 14.

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