In a stroke of adorable brilliance, the Humane Society of Clinton, Iowa has set up an interactive system that allows you to play with their felines from the comfort of home.

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s hardcore pornography. If there are two things however, that second thing is almost definitely adorable cats doing adorable things while other adorable cats look on.

With that in mind, an Iowan Humane Society has created the “Play With Our Kittens” initiative, a website that gives even those allergic to cats a chance to interact with the fuzzy critters.

Essentially, the site offers a live webcam feed of the Humane Society’s cats. That’s nothing new. You could probably find a hundred cat-cams with a quick Google search.

The novel part here is that the website also includes buttons that allow viewers to manipulate toys within the cats’ environment. As per accepted feline standards of behavior, the cats go nuts seeing their favorite toys come to life, despite a notable absence of any salient force behind their sudden animation. Seemingly the kitties are just so excited to have something to play with that their cat brains refuse to question the motives of whatever ethereal hand is guiding their fuzzy playthings.

Fair warning: News of this pro-kitten contraption is spreading throughout the ‘net like wildfire, so don’t be surprised if the site is currently a bit sluggish. I imagine it’s being bombarded with millions of hits from immobile cat lovers from around the globe.

On an editorial note, I find this idea to be both brilliant and heartwarming. Not only does it give the functionally incarcerated cats much-needed exercise and stimulation, it also gives lonely ‘net denizens a chance to fill their browsers with adorable, fuzzy antics, instead of cynical gaming news sites.

Hopefully this also serves to motivate users to stop by their local Humane Society to adopt a cat of their own. Speaking as a man whose legs are currently numb thanks to the 10-pound ball of fur and claws sleeping there, I can assure you that owning a cat is just like having a child, only with much better snuggles.

Source: Geekologie

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