Road trips! Once the interminable hell-journeys of childhood, and now just pleasant ways to pass the time with friends and see the countryside. This week’s Loading Time concerns our trip to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, a really great con with lots of cool fans and excellent staff. The video largely speaks for itself, but fans of our annual Desert Bus for Hope fundraiser will likely see lots of familiar faces — Ashton, Ian, Johnny, Cori and Beej all make appearances.

Some interesting points of trivia about this week’s Loading Time:

  • At one point during the trip, Matt, Graham and I all talked about how interesting some shale formations were and then proceeded to tell LeeLee all about them. At this point I had realized I had become a boring adult pointing out all the same things I found to be impenetrably dull when I was a child and became very depressed.
  • After joking about being killed by a moose in the Van Dump we shot, we saw a real moose! Well, the butt of a real moose. We were driving pretty fast and it was standing off to the side of the road in a marshy bit of landscape.
  • The travel time from Vancouver to Calgary is about an 11 hour drive. When you factor in the 2.5 hours it takes to get from Vancouver to Victoria, we spent more than 24 hours total in transit. We were in Calgary for just over 4 days.
  • We were given five hats for Feed Dump, including the sombrero we used in Van Dump.

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