Have a look at the first DLC fighter to join Injustice: Gods Among Us, but try not to be too offended.

Come May 7, NetherRealm Studios will launch the first post-release DLC addition to Injustice: Gods Among Us, the intergalactic bounty hunter known as Lobo. Embedded at right you’ll find the first official footage of Lobo in action, and as anyone familiar with the character would expect, he’s a bit rude.

The violence we understand; this is a fighting game after all. We can even give Lobo a pass on the smoking, given that he’s nigh-indestructible and probably isn’t in much danger of developing lung cancer. That said, his super move is just horribly uncouth. Sure, immolate Batman if you must, but flipping the bird to Mr. Wayne’s charred corpse is just mean.

Then again, it is in keeping with the character. Rob Zombie aesthetic aside, NetherRealm seems to have a solid grasp on Lobo, who gained poularity as a parody of the “XXXTREME” antiheroes that were so popular in comics throughout the 1990s. Marvel’s favorite son Wolverine was the most prominent example of this, despite his “attitude” having initially been an homage to Clint Eastwood. As Logan grew in popularity, both Marvel and DC added dozens of new antiheroes to their ranks, each of which were exceedingly of their time, and generally defined by juvenile attempts to flout the establishment, even as they ostensibly played the role of the good guy.

By design Lobo takes this concept to its silly, over the top extreme – at least, that’s what DC claims in hindsight. I’m not entirely convinced that DC didn’t push Lobo toward being another antihero that was so stupidly over the top that the company then had to claim parody to save face. Whatever the reason for Lobo’s existence, the key thing you need to know about him is that he’s almost as strong and resilient as Superman, but without any of the Blue Boy Scout’s pesky moral compunctions. He’ll beat up a bad guy, certainly, but Lobo’s motivation for doing so is less “truth, justice, and the American way” and more “cash rules everything around me.” Also, he’ll be smoking a fat cigar and dropping “clever” one-liners all over the place.

As I mentioned above, Lobo should hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network Store on May 7. We have no reason to suspect that it won’t also appear on the Wii U at that time, but Injustice’s Wii U incarnation has been mysteriously dropping features since just prior to launch, and it would come as little surprise to see the same thing happen in this case. Whatever happens, Lobo could be yours for $5 (or less if you opt to purchase the Injustice Season Pass.

Source: YouTube

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