Locate Every Harley Jack-in-the-Box in the Batgirl DLC to Arkham Knight

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Go hunting for these elusive Jack-in-the-Box collectibles hidden in Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC with these locations.

Batgirl returns in this story add-on taking place before the events of Arkham Knight. Joker and his gal pal sidekick Harley Quinn kidnap James Gordon, forcing the dynamic duo of Robin and Batgirl to invade his twisted carnival. While saving hostages and defusing bombs, you’ll find multiple collectibles scattered between ruined rides. Here you’ll find all five of Harley’s Jack-in-the-Box collectibles, with exact descriptions on their location.

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Harley Boxes Collectibles Guide

There are five Harley boxes found in the theme park. To collect, approach the box and press [A / Cross] to interact.

These collectibles cannot be missed. After completing the DLC story, Batgirl can fully explore the area in freeroam. Use Detective Vision to help spot the boxes.

Note: Balloons are the easiest collectible to uncover alone. Use Detective Vision and survey the park from above to quickly spot them all. Every balloon is out in the open in the main park area. Target the balloons with a batarang or use quick-batarang to pop.

Jack-in-the-Box Locations

  • Box #1: At the center of the theme park, there’s a small building to the south of the tall oil derrick. Jump to the rooftop and search below the water-tower. This is the same building with the park map and locked office door.
  • Box #2: Grapple up to the highest point on the oil derrick in the middle of the park. On the small landing high above everything else on the map you’ll find the second box.
  • Box #3: In the southwest corner of the park, there’s a condemned circus tent. Just east of the tent, there are two silos just north of the Ferris Wheel area. Look between the two rusted silos.
  • Box #4: Glide to the stairwell attached to the Great White Shark ride. Instead of entering the shark itself where the bombs were located, check the exterior of the shark for stairs leading to an inaccessible entrance.
  • Box #5: The final box is north of the Ghost Ship predator challenge. Once the guards are clear of the ship’s exterior, enter the small red/white striped bandstand in the northeast corner of the park.

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

A Blade of Memory:
Destroy all Teeth, Balloons, and Jack-in-the-Boxes.

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