A South London Bar has spruced up its washrooms with urine-controlled videogames, thus making ‘highscores’ a legitimate excuse for drinking to excess.

This isn’t the world’s first videogame system controlled by people’s golden emanations, oh no. Naturally, the Japanese got there first, but this one has better graphics and – ugh – tighter controls.

The games, which all have delightful titles such as On the Piste and Clever Dick, are controlled by three infrared sensors located in the urinal. By directing the expelled contents of their bladder, players can guide a skier down a mountain, answer quiz questions and knock over penguins. The games feature a highscore board and, apparently, Twitter integration – because Twitter doesn’t have enough references to bodily functions already.

The system is produced by Captive Media, which is a fairly accurate name given the circumstances. As system designer Gordon MacSween points out, while a man is draining his lizard (thanks, Susan) he is very much a captive audience, and pretty much has to read anything you put in front of him because the only alternative is making eye contact with his fellow bathroom goers.

I should also note that I am required at this juncture to make an obligatory ‘crossing the streams’ reference. Consider it made.

Source: Reuters

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