Long-Lost Fallout Design Doc Discovered


The Game of the Art blog has released the original design document for the “other” Interplay Fallout project that never saw the light of day, Brotherhood of Steel 2.

Most Fallout fans know about Van Buren, Interplay’s original Fallout 3 project that was canceled at the end of 2003. What’s less well known is that Interplay had a second Fallout game in the works at the same time, a follow-up to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox game Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (not to be confused with Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, the turn-based tactical combat game released in 2001 for the PC) was an action-RPG in which players became one of six predefined characters who join the Brotherhood and undertake a series of action-packed missions on behalf of the post-nuclear paladins. The original Vault Dweller actually makes an appearance and is even available as an unlockable player character.

The game was a significant departure from previous entries in the franchise and did not fare well with critics or fans, most of whom regard it as “non-canon,” which may help explain why the existence of Brotherhood of Steel 2 has been such an easy secret to keep. But the design doc seems to recognize the shortcomings of the first game and promises big changes for the sequel that would make it truer to the original Fallout. The design document itself was written by Brian Freyermuth, who worked on the first Brotherhood of Steel but was also a designer on the original Fallout.

“Most experiences for the player are getting a major overhaul,” the design overview says. “In fact, most of the quest structure and character structure is going back to what made the original Fallout fun.”

The illustrated 33-page booklet talks about new player characters, enemies and stage bosses, a breakdown of the story and much more. Intrigued? See the whole thing for yourself here.

via: No Mutants Allowed

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