Lords of the Fallen Trailer Shows Proper Warhammer Etiquette


The action RPG from former Witcher producer gets a trailer.

Last year, former CD Projekt Red producer Tomasz Gop announced he was striking out on his own to work on “Project RPG”. That project later pupated into a cool piece of concept art with a new title: Lords of the Fallen. Now that the season of PAX is upon us, developer Deck 13 is allowing the action RPG to hatch with a trailer that shows off the epic scale of its world.

The trailer shows a mysterious warrior trudging towards the Hand of God mountains, a geographical formation made from the corpse of a deity. It’s all pre-rendered footage, but it presumably gives an idea of the desired feel.

Lords of Fallen‘s set in a “medieval fantasy world” that’s ruled by a god who has fallen and can’t seem to get back up. Its initial reveal name-dropped games like Dark Souls and Kingdoms of Amalur, promising enemies who can be recognized “not by their appearance but their behavior and fighting style.” The world is built on some interesting ideas and the gameplay sounds like an intriguing recipe. Now that this flashy new trailer has brought that concept art to life, here’s hoping we get a glimpse of the gameplay before too long.

Lords of the Fallen is currently slated to launch for PC and next-generation consoles in 2014.

Source: Youtube

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