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Lords of the Fallen Will Be Around 30 Hours Long, Include NG+ That Changes Mechanics

Lords of the Fallen Game Length, New Game + Details Revealed.
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The developers behind the upcoming sequel/reboot Lords of the Fallen have provided a few new details of what to expect in terms of length and the New Game + experience. Speaking with MP1st as part of a recent interview, Hexworks Executive Producer Saul Gascon and Creative Director Cezar Virtosu estimated that a single playthrough should last for roughly 30 hours, but that’s really only the beginning of what the game has to offer.

In internal playtests, team members are completing the game in around 25 hours, but Gascon said, “For a new player it’s gonna be somewhere around the 30 or more (sic).” However, he later emphasized that that estimate only considers one route. The game also has three different endings, determined by which factions you align with, as well as numerous character builds to explore and experiment with, if you feel so inclined. That length is pretty similar to what you’ll find in other major games of the type, though it pales in comparison to Elden Ring.

However, it also offers good reasons to replay, with a New Game + mode that sounds like it significantly shakes up the way you play. Gascon said the mode has “quite a few surprises waiting,” but he also noted that one of the biggest changes is that the New Game + of Lords of the Fallen will have only a single Ancient Vestige (the game’s riff on Dark Souls‘ Bonfires) by default, though players will be able to craft more.

Other information has been trickling out recently thanks to hands-on previews and a PR blast from the studio ahead of the game’s October 13 release date. One of the more intriguing details is that the game will feature seamless co-op play, as revealed on the PlayStation Blog. After being summoned from an Ancient Vestige, you’ll be able to play through the entire game with another player without interruptions.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Lords of the Fallen as we get closer to launch, so keep an eye out right here for more information.

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