Resident Evil 5 set records as the most popular demo downloaded on Xbox Live – and according to Capcom, the Lost Planet 2 demo is even more popular.

Back in February, the RE5 demo lit up the charts, with 1.8 million downloads in its first week alone – and 1.3 of those in just the first three days. Of course, being the first true next-gen installment of an extremely popular series probably had something to do with that. Which is why it’s kind of surprising to hear Capcom’s Chris Kramer tell VG247 that “In 24 hours we actually got more downloads of the Lost Planet 2 demo than we did of Resident Evil 5.”

“That kind of astonished all of us.” Yeah, Chris, us too. It makes sense for an eagerly anticipated title like RE5 (boy, can you imagine if they just offered a demo for, say, Modern Warfare 2?) to be popular with the demo crowd, but… Lost Planet 2? No offense to Capcom, but the first one didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Because it was covered with ice, of course.

Maybe this bodes well for the sequel? Or perhaps all the demo junkies on Xbox Live all signed on together back on August 19th – the day when the demo went live – and couldn’t resist. Hey, it’s not impossible.

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