Lost Planet To Patch On Launch Day


After receiving feedback on the Xbox Live demo, the exclusive Xbox 360 shooter will be patched with new multiplayer features on launch day.

When the Lost Planet demo was released, users were dismayed to find that they could not invite friends into their games. They were also kicked back to the main menu between matches. Capcom has listened to the complaints and released patch plans for the launch of the game.

Among the changes will be the ability to set private slots by the host, friend invites, persistent game sessions, a maximum 60 minute round time and more. In a switch from the Dead Rising text issue on standard televisions, Capcom will also be increasing the text size for non-HD sets.

In the demo, players cannot currently select which team they will be assigned to. Instead, they are randomly assigned to a team and given ten seconds to view the list before the round begins. With the new patch, Capcom will allow players to choose their team, but only once the host launches the game. On the following screen, players will have 20 seconds to pick a side before the round starts.

Lost Planet will be released in North America on January 12th.

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