Oni Press is pleased to announce the December release of LOVE FIGHTS VOLUME 2 – a trade paperback collecting the final six issues of Andi Watson’s Harvey-nominated series.

imageThe first volume of LOVE FIGHTS established the concept for the book: two people in a world where superheroes are real fumble through a relationship, their lives constantly interrupted by men in tights beating the living heck out of each other. Jack is the penciller of the official comic book adventures of The Flamer, an old school crime fighter whose popularity is on the wane due to his involvement in a love-child sex scandal. Nora is the up-and-coming reporter with the scoop. Neither Jack nor Nora are aware of each other’s connection to the hero when they meet, but as their courtship progresses, it only proves to complicate matters. Additionally, Jack’s cat Guthrie disappeared for a while and came back as a talkative and jealous super hero named Future Feline.

So, what do readers have in store for them in LOVE FIGHTS VOLUME 2? Will Jack and Nora end up together? Does Future Feline have a paw in the Flamer’s lovechild scandal? What is the Flamer hiding? Who are Dr. Pitt and Professor Pendulum? Can the Fader ever commit to an adult relationship? Will J.J. find his way out of submissions editor hell?

image“There’s a lot of story to wrap up,” series editor Jamie S. Rich adds, “but Andi has been able to do it with the usual wit and aplomb that has earned him so many fans.”

“The way Andi has layered LOVE FIGHTS is brilliant,” Oni Press senior editor James Lucas Jones said. “It’s got all the emotional trappings that fans of his work on BREAKFAST AFTER NOON and SLOW NEWS DAY have come to love, as well as an irreverent look at the sort of heroes he has been scripting for Marvel Comics. By making his male lead a comics artist himself, he also twists the book into a post-modern comment on the industry and the art form.”

“A lot of my books have been about real world issues and so is this book. The world of superheroes impinges on my real/life work,” Watson explains. “If you take real people and put them in an absurd world like that, there’s so much fun you can have with it.”

image“One of the things that most impresses me about Andi’s work is his amazing sense of design. He is, without a doubt, one of the most talented and innovative artists working in comics today,” James Lucas Jones unabashedly gushes. “Just look at how he uses page design, visual rhythm, and symmetry to maximize emotional effect. The man is a genius.”

LOVE FIGHTS is a book that begs for rereading, and rewards you with something different every time you relent.

LOVE FIGHTS VOLUME 2 is a 160 page black-and-white graphic novel for $14.95. The digest-sized volume features a new color cover by Andi Watson and contains mature situations. It arrives in comic book stores on December 22, 2004.

LOVE FIGHTS ? & © 2004 Watson

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