Lucas Re-Releasing Star Wars Movies in 3D


The Star Wars movies are heading back to theaters, this time with a whole extra dimension.

George Lucas plans to re-release all six of the Star Wars movies in 3D. The movies will be tackled in episode order, with The Phantom Menace expected to hit screens sometime in 2012.

A message on the official Star Wars website said that there were few movies better suited to 3D than the Star Wars saga, and that the addition of the extra dimension would take the immersion to “the next thrilling level.” Lucasfilm’s visual effects studio, Industrial Light & Magic, will be supervising the movies’ conversion.

John Knoll, ILM’s visual effects supervisor, said that getting a good result would require patience and a critical and artistic eye. He added that ILM was going to take its time with the work, to ensure the best experience possible. It’s said that Lucas had been waiting until there were more theaters that could show 3D movies before starting work on the conversion.

This is the kind of news that can leave a Star Wars fan conflicted. On the one hand, the movies have been tinkered with a lot already, and 3D isn’t going to make Han not shooting first any less infuriating. But on the other hand, it’s a chance to see the movies in theaters again, which is always exciting.

Source: BBC

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