George Lucas couldn’t have picked an unluckier number than “Star Wars 1313”

Although the live action Star Wars TV series may forever be stuck in development hell, LucasFilm might be working on a brand new Star Wars project. Recently, the massive entertainment company filed a new trademark application with the U.S. Patent office for “Star Wars 1313”.

The filing covers a wide variety of goods and services, including books, toys, action figures, and most importantly, videogames, hinting at the possibility that a new Star Wars title is in the works. As to why the mysterious numbers 1313 are involved versus, hardcore Star Wars fans might notice that the numbers 1313 were part of an alias used by Boba Fett in a young adult Star Wars novel, giving a possible clue as to what the new unannounced game might be about.

It’s a bit of a stretch (okay, it’s an incredibly long stretch), but given the popularity of the character, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the famous bounty hunter is getting a new game. For those versed in the language of patent/trademarks, you can check out the full application here to see it in full.

Source: Fusible

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