Luck Brings First Gameplay Footage of Fallout: New Vegas


Someone hit triple-7’s on the slot machine and this footage from Fallout: New Vegas popped out.

Thanks to an IGN video preview, the first gameplay footage of Obsidian’s upcoming Fallout: New Vegas is available to the world. How does it look? Well, a lot like Fallout 3, but it’s supposed to.

IGN’s Erik Brudvig describes New Vegas as “just like Fallout 3, only totally new.” Some of that “totally new” includes the reputation mechanic and some V.A.T.S. tweaks, amongst other gameplay aspects that were detailed in The Escapist’s first look at New Vegas in late April.

From the new footage, we also get to see character customization in action, which looks to be handled through something like a love tester you might find at the mall. Combat is very similar, but appears somewhat more focused, if that can be judged from a video and if the use of a grenade machine gun can be considered focused. At the least, super mutants’ heads will still explode, and that’s all that matters to most people.

The footage is fairly brief, but shows that we’ll be dropped right back into what we know from Fallout 3 once New Vegas hits and there won’t be too much of a learning curve. I, for one, want to get my hands on those space-based solar weapons. It’s going to be pretty tough not to splurge on the Collector’s Edition when the game is released this fall.

Source: IGN

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