Mad Catz Producing Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade Sticks


For the over-indulgent fighting game fan in all of us there’s Mad Catz’s latest premium arcade stick, a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 model designed in the mold of its Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition sticks.

If you’re the kind of guy who goes gaga over the fact that an arcade stick features Japanese arcade components and a ball-handed joystick, you probably already own one of the once-rare Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition arcade sticks that came out along with Capcom’s fighter earlier this year. But if you prefer a picture of the Hulk and Wolverine fighting Ryu and Mega Man over a Street Fighter IV logo as the design on your stick, well have I got good news for you.

Capcom and Mad Catz are continuing their fruitful partnership by producing a top-of-the-line arcade stick in celebration of the release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. This is basically the same arcade stick they put out for Street Fighter IV, with a different design on the top and different colored buttons. Same Sanwa parts, same turbo settings, same button lock to prevent accidental presses of the turbo buttons, same cord compartment, same sturdy build.

It’s a damn fine piece of hardware for any genuine fighting game fan. Ultimately the choice of whether or not to get one of these comes down to whether or not you already have one and how much you like Marvel vs. Capcom. Interesting to note that the stick doesn’t have the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 logo on it but a generic “Marvel vs. Capcom” logo. Wonder why that is. Anyway, if you hate it that much you can always mod your stick. Which you could easily do to make your existing stick look like this one anyway.

The stick will be on sale exclusively GameStop, Capcom’s online store and Mad Catz’s online store this fall. Pricing was not announced. The Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition stick went for $149.99 so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that repeated.

[Via Capcom-Unity]
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