Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Scavenges The Hostile Wasteland


Mad Max‘s new gameplay trailer highlights everything players can do in the wasteland – including visit the Thunderdome.

The post-apocalypse is gaining popularity these days, and you know what that means – the return of Mad Max. Not only will we see his new movie this summer, but we’ll get to take part in his exploits with Avalanche Studios’ new video game. All we were waiting on was substantial gameplay footage, but Mad Max‘s latest trailer shows the wasteland will be just as deadly – and riveting – as we imagine.

Mad Max opens as Max is torn from his car, beaten almost to death, and left to rot in the wasteland. But this wasteland is also open-world, which means players can build themselves up from nothing to get revenge. The first step is building a custom car to replace your lost vehicle, then traversing nearby settlements to find clues about your enemies. Along the way players can scavenge countless sources of scrap metal that can be traded and used to upgrade your car and gear.

The combat gameplay is essentially Arkham Asylum with fatalities, but that makes sense: As the trailer notes, ammunition is rare, so it’s generally better to rush enemies with melee weapons. But as the game advances and you secure supplies for settlements, you’ll be able to equip new weapons and abilities – including devastating explosives that take out enemy cars.

And since this is a Road Warrior-styled post-apocalypse, fans should pick up on references to the films – including a one-second glimpse of what very much appears to be the Thunderdome. All told, it looks like that delay has been good to Mad Max – we’ll find out for sure when it launches on Sept. 1, 2015.

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