Mind Twist could change everything you know about the Facebook gaming scene.

Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield has been working on a new kind of Facebook and iPhone game codenamed Mind Twist. Billed as an experience that will appeal to the “thinking gamer,” Mind Twist could be one of the first games on Facebook to not make you hate yourself. The codename probably comes from the name of this Magic card.

Mind Twist is in development by Garfield, fellow Magic designer Skaff Elias, and Mind Control Software, whose VP of Business Strategy is 9+ year Wizards of the Coast vet Randy Buehler. Edge recently interviewed Buehler and Garfield about the philosophy behind Mind Twist, and their plans for it.

The game is planned as a head-to-head strategic experience, either against another human player or an AI, with one-on-two or two-on-two possible in the future. It is set in the fantasy realm, partially due to the familiarity that comes with it (i.e. knowing an ogre will be stronger than a goblin instinctively). Mind Twist will be free-to-play and supported by micro-transactions, but spending money should only give players a more diverse play experience, by purchasing new characters and such, rather than an attainment of more in-game power. Brand new players should be able to defeat experienced players, though experienced players will likely win most of the time, according to Garfield.

Mind Twist is coming to Facebook because nothing can currently compare to it on the platform. Buehler also states that it is easy to publish on Facebook for an independent developer, similar to the iPhone’s app store.

I am really excited for a strategy game like this to come to Facebook, especially if it will stop me from ever playing FarmVille again. Facebook is a viable gaming platform, at least from the social aspect, that needs more hardcore games rather than micro-transaction supported time-sinks. Mind Twist sounds like it could be a real winner for those that like strategy titles. The game’s release window has not yet been revealed, but follow it on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.

(Via: Edge)

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