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Magic: The Gathering is taking some cues from Diablo in the series’s new top-down MMO action RPG, Magic: Legends. First revealed last month at The Game Awards 2019, a brief gameplay trailer was uploaded by Game Informer earlier today, featuring magical powers, waves of enemies, real-time combat, and plenty of firsts for the Magic franchise. The game is being developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

Check out Magic: Legends’ gameplay trailer below.

Magic: Legends takes place in the world of Magic: The Gathering but follows its own story. The website’s story description speaks of an evil ancient force, saying that players will need to “gather power needed to fight” in order to protect the Multiverse. Whether playing solo or with friends, Magic: Legends allows players to upgrade their characters’ spells, attacks, and abilities in general.

Players will be able to pick from a number of classes, though Mind Mage and Geomancer are seemingly the only two that have been revealed so far, with three more “coming soon.” The Mind Mage is a Planeswalker that uses psychic power to manipulate the battlefield around them, and the Geomancer uses earth-type moves to fend off foes with stone and lava attacks. Game Informer also uploaded 10 minutes of gameplay footage for the Mind Mage.

Magic: Legends‘ choice of worlds to visit gets the same treatment on the site, with both Shiv and Benalia listed as options while three more remain blocked from view.

If you can’t wait to find out more about the game, feel free to head to its website to sign up for an upcoming beta program. Cryptic and Perfect World’s Magic: Legends is slated to come to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime later this year.


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