A new online strategy game set in the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse is coming to the PC and PS3 in 2010

Sony Online Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast are collaborating on the development of an online 3D turn-based strategy title called Magic: The Gathering – Tactics. The game will be coming to the PC in early 2010, with a PlayStation 3 version to follow later in the year. This will be the first Magic: The Gathering based videogame to come to the PlayStation 3.

Those that enjoy strategy games should probably put this on their radars. Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers has already seen some success on Xbox Live Arcade, proving that there is an audience out there for these types of titles. John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment boasts: “We’re going to be taking the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse places players have never seen,” so he’s obviously got high hopes for Tactics.

From the game’s press release:

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics will allow players to command forces of dramatic 3D figures and powerful spell cards pulled from the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse. Players can participate in single player scenarios or jump right into PVP action against other players worldwide, 24 hours per day. Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is expected to feature regular content expansions, a robust tournament environment, an achievement and rankings program, and original stories of the Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering.

Ideally, Magic: The Gathering – Tactics will provide a deep strategic experience that taps into what makes the card game so great, but one that can also be enjoyed casually from a console. It seems to be in the same vein as Duels of the Planeswalkers, adding a more accessible feel to Magic, though we’ll have to wait for more gameplay details to find out. Even the game’s official website says that Magic: The Gathering – Tactics will allow us to “see and hear Magic in a whole new way,” so I’m intrigued to see what SOE and WotC come up with. Beta sign-ups are going to be available soon for anyone interested.

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