Have you ever wondered what snowboarding would be like if videogames were real? Neither have we, but it looks jaw-dropping.

OK, show of hands: Who here remembers that Futurama short from the “Anthology of Interest” episode where Fry asks what life would be like if it were more like a videogame? You know, the one where he almost saves the world in a real-life version of Space Invaders? This video feels like a live-action version of that.

Titled “Gnarcade”, the movie shows a number of skaters and snowboarders making their way through environments that are under siege by classic videogame characters. The dinosaur from Bubble Bobble, a huge pixelated flying saucer from Space Invaders, the ghosts from Pac-Man, and various Mario Bros. villains are just a few of the characters on display. There’s even a great sequence involving Portal‘s core gameplay.

The movie was created by Knife Show, “a skate and snow film production company based out of Los Angeles and Bear Mountain,” with the soundtrack provided by Ground Up Sounds. What makes Knife Show unique is that it was clearly founded by a bunch of nerds who use their passion to create skate videos unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The group’s official website sports a number of other videos, though my personal favorite is “Gnar Wars” because it has light saber battles between snowboarders.

If this is what Knife Show can make with a limited budget, one has to wonder just what the company could do if it was given enough cash to tackle a bigger project like a short movie for a film festival.

Source: Geeks are Sexy

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