Major Genre Wars Update

After reviewing the battles from the first two weeks, we have made two major updates to Genre Wars.

1. Flanking – If you deploy an army with 0 units in one or more divisions, or have your division reduced to 0 units by casualties, your army will now suffer penalties “from brutal flanking attacks”. So be sure to keep all three of your divisions stacked up strong!

2. Scouting – Scouting enemies now only reveals the configuration the enemy used in their most recent battle, not their current army configuration. You will only learn the actual, exact composition of the enemy army when you attack! So don’t think you can build a custom army to attack someone, because you won’t know for sure what they actually have, only what they’ve fought with in the past.

These changes were made to update the game against tactics that were reducing playability and fun. Specifically, players were avoiding the war zone except to enter with specially-designed armies customized to attack a particular foe. But everyone doing this meant the war zone was empty. Our expectation is that you should be in the war zone most of the time, returning to the city only as necessary to revise and replenish your army.

The new flanking rules reward players who develop well-rounded, full armies of three divisions, who learn the ins and outs of the combat system and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of unit. Using one strong division of 50 units with divisions of 1 or 0 units in the other slots will no longer be a successful strategy.

We hope these changes improve the play experience. Get in the war zone and let’s get fighting!

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