The sports videogame genre has taken a new and disturbing step forward with the recent announcement of Major League Eating: The Game, coming in May to Nintendo’s WiiWare downloadable game service.

The game will feature “the world’s greatest gurgitory athletes,” making extensive use of the Wii Remote to simulate a wide range of grotesque face-stuffing competitions. Bites, burps, belches, mustard gas and jalapeño flames will be part of a player’s arsenal of both offensive and defensive weapons, while eating techniques including the cram, the toss and the “typewriter” will need to be mastered as players vie for the crown of World Eating Champion.

“Watching Major League Eating is like watching poetry in motion,” said Bill Swartz, CEO of Mastiff, the developer behind the game. “Professional gurgitators have the grace of ballerinas yet the brute strength, mental focus, and intestinal fortitude to push their bodies and minds as hard as athletes in any other extreme endurance sport. Victory is sweet and defeat can be, well, really, really messy. It’s an experience we’re proud to help bring into the home.”

Major League Eating is an umbrella organization established by the International Federation of Competitive Eating to oversee all the top eating events in the U.S. and around the world, and is currently running a series of hour-long events featuring the world’s best eaters on Spike TV. It’s members include Japanese phenom Takeru Kobayashi and current world eating champion Joey Chestnut of the U.S. I am not making this up.

Major League Eating: The Game will be available on May 12 as part of the launch of Nintendo’s new WiiWare launch.

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