Make Tons of Easy Money in Terraria With Tree Farms

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Money really does grow on trees with this handy strategy for endless gold in Terraria. All it takes is a sawmill, a willing NPC, and a true tycoon’s spirit to earn endless money the easy way.

There are plenty of ways to earn cash in Terraria, but few are this easy and efficient. Start your own lumber industry and watch the gold coins roll in. There’s a specific advanced woodworking item that’s easy to make and valuable to the right trading NPC. Get all the details, big and small, with our cash farming guide.

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Easy Money – Trees For Gold Farming Guide

Work-In-Progress: This method was tested with Update 1.3, let us know if it worked for you in the comments!

How to Make Endless Gold With Tree Farms

Grab an axe and go hunting for tall trees. Surface Biomes are the best place to look. Collect Acorns while cutting down trees so you can replant later.

1. Find or plant trees close together.
2. Cut down the trees and collect as much Wood as possible.
3. Take the Wood to a Sawmill and construct as many Weapon Racks as possible.
4. Sell the Weapon Racks to the Arms Dealer NPC — 1 Rack sells for 10 Silver.

When you’re done cutting down trees, replant Acorns and wait for the trees to regrow. After selling as much as possible, just wait for your tree farm to finish growing, then get to cutting.

For more details, like how to build a Sawmill or how to spawn the Arms Dealer NPC, check out the additional sections below.

How to Create a Sawmill & Craft Weapon Racks

To build a Sawmill, collect the following ingredients and use the Work Bench to craft:

  • (10) Wood
  • (2) Iron Bars
  • (1) Chain

Chain is created using an Anvil and (3) Iron / Lead Bars. Place Iron / Lead Ore into a Furnace to create metal Bars.

Place the Sawmill and prepare your stacks of wood. It only takes one ingredient, (10) Wood, to create valuable Weapon Racks.

How to Get an NPC Arms Dealer

An NPC Arms Dealer spawns in an Empty House if one additional condition is met:

  • A Firearm or Bullet must be in the player’s inventory.

Firearms and Bullets spawn from the Corruption or Crimson Biomes when breaking Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb containers. These Hardmode Biomes only spawn after destroying the Wall of Flesh boss.

The Wall of Flesh spawns when throwing a Voodoo Doll into the Underworld lava. Collect the doll from flying demons in the Underworld, which is located in the lowest level of Terraria. When the Wall of Flesh is defeated, the Crimson or Corruption Biomes will instantly spawn into the world.

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