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Earn new characters, clothes and gear by making wishes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. All it takes is seven Dragon Balls — but finding them isn’t so easy. Here we provide tips for farming, what wishes are available, and which missions to play to maximize your time.

Working to correct the time stream in the Dragon Ball universe can be tough, but there are benefits to the job. Shenron, the massive dragon spirit that’s so important in Dragon Ball Z makes an appearance in the Xenoverse, and if you bring him seven Dragon Balls, you’ll gain one wish.

To find the numbered orbs, play through certain Parallel Quests where you’ll encounter special enemies called Time Patrollers. These tough adversaries carry rare items — including those coveted Dragon Balls. Learn all about it in the complete guide below and make your wishes come true.

Dragon Ball – Collectibles Guide

Collecting Dragon Balls allows the player to make a special wish from Shenron in the Hub. These powerful relics allows the player to unlock secret playable characters, new costumes, lots of cash or even instantly gain a level.

Dragon Balls are found in Parallel Quests and can be re-obtained as many times as the player wants.

How to Find Dragon Balls

To find Dragon Balls, the player needs to locate and defeat enemies called Time Patrollers during Parallel Quests.

Check out the quests below to fight Time Patrollers and get a chance at collecting a Dragon Ball:

    02 – Prepare for the Attack of the Saiyans!
    05 – Attack of the Saiyans
    07 – Burst Open and Mix!
    12 – First Battle! Ginyu Force
    15 – The Explosion of Namek
    18 – Return of Ginyu Force!
    19 – Let’s Train
    22 – Earth in Danger
    26 – Warrior’s Annihilation
    37 – Potara Warrior
    42 – Power of a Super Saiyan God
    52 – Great Ape Festival

Dragon Ball Wishes

There are 10 possible wishes. Some only need to be made once, while others are repeatable for alternate or identical rewards.

    I want money!
    Reward: Gives 500,000 Zeni ($)

    I want a rare item!
    Reward: Gives the Power Pole

    I want to dress up!
    Reward: Gives the ‘Journey to the West’ Clothing Set

    I want to get stronger!
    Reward: Gives 3x Synthetic Device, 5x Soul of Resonance

    I want to grow!
    Reward: Instantly Level Up

    I want a new Ultimate Attack!
    Reward: Gives an Ultimate Skill

    I want a new Super Attack!
    Reward: Gives a Special Skill

    I want more usable characters!
    Reward: Gives one Special Character — Omega Shenron, Gogeta SS4, Android 17

    I want a second chance at life!
    Reward: Stats are reset

    I want to be drop-dead gorgeous!
    Reward: Custom Character appearance is reset

Farming Dragon Balls

While playing Parallel Quests, Time Patrollers will not spawn every single time. A Time Patroller will appear after the first combat room. Clear the first set of enemies — if a Time Patroller does not appear, choose to “Retry” the Parallel Quest for another chance.

Parallel Quest 12 – Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force is one of the best places to farm for Dragon Balls. There is no first fight — simply fly forward and a Time Patroller should appear. If they do not, “Retry” and try again. Rinse and repeat to quickly earn enough Dragon Balls for a wish.

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