Make Your Halo 3 Screenshots Into Fine Art


If you feel like commemorating that really awesome headshot from the last night’s Halo 3 session the classy way, takes your Halo 3 screens and turns them into “fine art products” on high quality paper or canvas.

At the peak of my Halo 3 obsession way back when, I became obsessed with the game’s screenshot capture and upload tool. I would take screens of all my favorite kills and moments, and use them as desktop wallpapers on my computer, my roommate’s computer, my girlfriend’s computer, every computer in the public library.

I wish haloscreenshots, a service run by The Global Art Group in collaboration with Bungie and Microsoft, had existed back then, because then I could have really taken it to the next level. The service takes your custom Halo 3 screens, gussies them up with professional tools and then turns them into fine art products ready to be hung in a gallery, or, at least, your living room.

Don’t think this is some amateur operation. You’re not going to get the same results by printing out your screens on your crummy printer at home. Haloscreenshots will give your “Portrait of a Double Kill” some serious artistic treatment: After you submit your image (you just click the “buy print” option from your gallery), the screen goes through some professional filtering process performed by designers, after which it’s reproduced as a “giclée,” which is “a high-resolution, high-quality reproduction individually printed on a special large format printer.” Fancée.

You can get your screenshot (framed or unframed) as a paper print (made from “premium fine art grade substrates”), or even on a canvas. The ink used to make the pictures supposedly is the “largest color gamut of any commercial ink ever developed” and won’t fade for an entire century, so your legacy as a Halo superstar can last into the 2100s.

So yes, this is no joke. And I have to say, some of the featured images on the site, which you can get printed out instead of your own if you like, look pretty damn cool, and not just in a “this is overwrought fan art of a Spartan looking badass” kind of way. Prices range from $16.99 for an unframed print to $119.99 for a framed canvas, with varying prices in between.

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