A Tennessee man is facing charges after kidnapping and beating his son-in-law, and then ransoming him for an Xbox 360.

Joshua Seal of Kingsport, TN., and co-worker Bradley Marshall were unhappy about allegations that Seal’s son-in-law, Allen Begley, who also works for Seal’s flooring business, had stolen $245 worth of jewelery from a job site. So they did the obvious thing: they tricked Begley with a story about needing help to move a saw, then locked him in the building and laid a whoopin’ on him.

Begley eventually convinced the pair that he didn’t have the money and began calling friends and family in an attempt to raise the ransom. After getting hold of his mother, Linda Begley, Seal told her that he’d already “blackened Begley’s eye” and that it would get a whole lot worse if somebody didn’t come up with the cash. She then spoke to a neighbor who suggested they trade his Xbox 360, which they valued at between $400 and $500, for his release.

The deal was done at a local convenience store and Begley was released. Shockingly, he later called the police, who arrested both men. Seal and Marshall are now facing charges of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.


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