What’s the only thing cooler than a life-size statue of a BioShock Big Daddy? A life-size statue of a BioShock Big Daddy carved entirely with a chainsaw.

For all the chainsaw has a home in the psychology of gamers, it occupies a decidedly different place in our minds than it does in real life. In real life, chainsaws are best used to cut wood – in games, we use them to slaughter enemies (usually zombies) en masse. Nor do we ever consider the chainsaw to be any sort of finesse tool whatsoever – a delicate touch? Are you kidding me? Who can worry about that sort of thing when you’re surrounded by the undead?

Enter Jason-san, a (presumably Japanese) man whose hobby is dressing up in a hockey mask and taking a chainsaw – not to hapless teens at a summer camp, but to big chunks of wood. The man is a veritable artisan with his rotating blade, as seen in the sheer detail of this amazing Big Daddy sculpture in the video above.

The entire video is worth a watch from start to finish, if only to see how whole tree trunks gradually take shape into a slightly more recognizable figure. From there, the detail just piles up and piles up until it really looks fantastic at the end. If I have to pick someone to come with me to survive the zombie apocalypse, now I know who my first choice is!

(Via GamesRadar – thanks, Simalacrum!)

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