Man Makes Original Album From YouTube Musicians


An aspiring mix artist has released an album of songs comprised entirely of music taken from YouTube clips – and it’s surprisingly awesome.

Let’s put another mark in the “Hooray Web 2.0” column for this one. One of the more popular uses for YouTube is as a vehicle for aspiring musicians to get their name out and show their talent off to the countless crowd on the Internet (see also: Zonday, Tay).

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many clips of hopeful would-be stars are out there – but it must be a lot, as a clever and talented mixer calling himself Kutiman has just released an album called Thru-You. Thru-You‘s songs are unique, as they’re comprised entirely of clips posted to YouTube by other musicians, and expertly cut together so that … well, you might never have known the difference if I hadn’t just told you it right now.

Personally, I’m leaning towards “I’m New” as my favorite, but there’s something to be said for the jazziness of “Mother of All Funk Chords” (plus, it’s named after me, so there you go). It’s really amazing to watch all of these musicians – who might never have seen each others’ videos, much less be in the same room – blend together like they might have all jointly written a song together.

And hey, in a way, I guess they kind of did. Will the Internet ever cease to amaze?

Kutiman’s official Thru-You site can be found here.

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