Man Stabbed in Internet Cafe, Gamer Plays On


The stabbing of a man in a Taiwan internet cafe attracted depressingly little response from bystanders.

The April 3 stabbing death of a man at an internet cafe in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is disturbing not just because of the violent nature of the crime but because of the reaction of cafe patrons who witness the attack – or, more specifically, the non-reaction. Video of the killing indicates that none of the witnesses did anything to stop the murder, and worse, one gamer who was so close to the killing that blood splattered onto her clothes ignored the whole thing and continued to play her game.

A brief clip of security camera footage released by Shenzhen Satellite TV shows the crowd doing virtually nothing while the victim falls and the perpetrator walks away, although the report apparently doesn’t speak to the unmoved gamer or mention what she was playing.

This sort of crowd paralysis isn’t an uncommon reaction to such events but even so, I cannot imagine what could possibly be interesting enough to distract a person from a murder being committed just a few feet away – especially when she’s literally being sprayed with blood.

Source: Tech In Asia

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