Man Steals 100 Copies of Modern Warfare 2


Using only words as weapons, a Pennsylvania man managed to rip off nearly $7000 worth of merchandise from a GameStop.

On Tuesday, a man walked into a Meadville, PA GameStop and told the clerks that he had a friend outside who would shoot them if they called the police. The clerks apparently believed him. The thief proceeded to take 100 copies of Modern Warfare 2, as well as a few items from behind the counter, and walk out of the store. The total value of the merchandise pilfered was $6900. Police have yet to apprehend the wily crook, and would welcome any leads.

Several things pop to mind regarding this story. First: Wow. Second: What the? And finally: Really?

That feat takes some cajones, thief guy. What, did you roll a natural 20 on your Bluff check? Impressive.

Wait, 100 copies? How did you walk out of the store carrying that many boxes of MW2? Did you have the foresight to bring a fricking dolly?

The GameStop employees probably did the smart thing by erring on the side of caution, but come on. You’re really just going to let a guy rob you because he says his friend outside has a gun? Really?


Source: WPXI

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