Man Vs Bee trailer Netflix Rowan Atkinson comedy series June 24, 2022 release date

Sometimes, you hear an idea for a movie or TV show and become instantly convinced it will work. Netflix has stumbled upon one of those instant-winner ideas. Today, Netflix released the trailer for Man Vs Bee, a new comedy series in which a bumbling dad named Trevor, played by Rowan Atkinson, inadvertently gets into a war against a singular bee. Start polishing every Emmy.

To be a little more precise about the plot, Trevor has found a job, which in itself is apparently so momentous that it is worth calling his family to inform of the development. The job is to house-sit a posh mansion, which should be simple enough, except that Trevor discovers a bee in the house. He accidentally breaks a statue belonging to the homeowner while trying to get the bee, and thus begins a series of escalating, maddening events that can only be described as Man Vs Bee. It will ultimately involve slapstick, flamethrowers, and court appearances, so, again — start polishing every Emmy.

The Man Vs Bee trailer might be the most charmingly dumb thing to come around in a while, and casting Mr. Bean himself in the role is nothing less than a masterstroke. Let us hope this series lives up to its full potential when it arrives on Netflix on June 24, 2022.

And if you need more “man versus beast” stories in your life, check out the new trailer for Beast, the Idris Elba-versus-lion movie.


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