What’s Nibbler?

Back in 1984 Tim McVey – no, not the Oaklahoma City guy – managed to fight off fatigue and caffeine poisoning, to score over a billion points on one quarter in arcade classic Nibbler. It’s been a while since then, and two other challengers have crawled out of the long grass to best McVey’s score. Can the guy who did it first do it again? That’s the story of Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler, a documentary project that has just managed to reach its crowdfunding goal, with 4 days left on the clock. Now it’s time for the people making this thing – Battlestar Galactica veterans Andrew Seklir and Tim Kinzy – to start paying some of the people who’ve helped them get this far, but there’s still hope that the campaign will reach its first stretch goal, $78,000, which would let them add some animated touches to their opus.

“It not only succeeds in documenting one of the more interesting events from the classic era,” says Kinzy, “but proves to be a powerful tale of the triumph of the human spirit as well.” That’s normally when you should scream and flee the theater before sugar levels reach toxicity, but this time out it looks like a lot of fun. McVey, several decades on, is a little grey around the chops for someone intent on reclaiming a record, while his competition, Dwayne Richard, seems on top of his game. Who will be first to get the billion?

The movie’s already in the can, so its two makers have been looking for extra funding to pay off some of the people whose hard work made it possible. If they get enough to add extras, great, but whether they do or don’t Man vs Snake will be headed to festivals – and advance screenings in New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis – later this fall. Or if you were to make a pledge, the digital download’ll set you back $25 minimum, with more options if you pledge more cash.

Source: Man vs Snake Kickstarter

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