Nexon America announced the second Nexon iNitiative, looking to find the most promising indie developers and throw piles of money at them.

Last year, over 100 companies in 28 countries participated in the first Nexon iNitiative, competing to win a portion of the $1 million prize. This year, Nexon hopes to top that.

The publisher of games like MapleStory, Vindictus (shown at right), and Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon America says the mission of the iNitiative is “Finding original, unique and promising projects at an early stage of development in order to sponsor (and in cases co-develop) and later on publish through our global network,” according to the iNitiative’s site. The most interesting and original ideas and projects submitted to the iNitiative will receive a portion of the prize money, and the potential support of Nexon developers.

Last year’s winners, Antic Entertainment and One2Tribe, split the prize evenly, and are currently making games which will be distributed via Nexon’s online network.

“We anticipate competing in the social gaming space and other platforms,” said Nexon America’s vice president of business development, Won Il Sue,”thanks largely in part to innovative game developers discovered through the Nexon iNitiative. By combining our decade of experience perfecting the microtransaction business model with the expertise of the game developers we’re funding, we anticipate that the results will be an evolved, innovative and more engaging social games.”

If you have a game or game idea to enter in the contest, you can submit it at the iNitiative’s site. The deadline for submissions is April 30.

Source: IGN

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