An ordinary instrument becomes the Marimba of Time.

You’ve heard it on the piano.You’ve heard it on the flute. You’ve even heard it with a full orchestra. Now, prepare to hear the theme music from The Legend of Zelda on a marimba.

That’s right: The unassuming Latin American percussion instrument is the latest home for the classic theme that accompanies most of Link’s adventures. YouTube user Mart0zz, along with two of his friends, has recorded a number of famous Zelda songs on the marimba, accompanied by snare drum, cymbal, bells, timpani, and “fucking Triangle.”They cover everything from the Main Theme to the Song of Storms with a high degree of musicianship and flair.

For those who are not familiar with it, the marimba is an instrument that originated in Guatemala hundreds of years ago – although it may have West African roots, like its cousin the xylophone. Marimba bands are fairly popular in Latin America, although North Americans have adapted the instrument for jazz purposes. Each key is wooden with a metal tube underneath for resonance, and musicians play notes by striking these keys with soft mallets.

Right now, most of the Mart0zz’s music comes from Ocarina of Time, but who knows what the future will bring? You can get your Latin American Zelda fix at his YouTube channel.

Source: YouTube via Neatorama

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